Law Word Deffinitions

Posted by: paul

Law Word Deffinitions - 08/27/14 08:36 PM

In the above video , which of the following offences would
you say that the officer committed.

1) causing harm to the woman with a deadly weapon.

deadly weapon meaning , a firearm , a knife , a blunt instrument, etc.

2) causing harm to the woman without a deadly weapon.

without a deadly weapon meaning , a drunk driver driving a car , reckless driving , etc.

3) causing harm to the woman through the use of physical contact.
Posted by: Amaranth Rose II

Re: Law Word Deffinitions - 08/28/14 06:50 PM

I would definitely go with 2 & 3. I see no reason why the police officers have to beat someone to a pulp while they are sitting on top of them in full control of the situation. I am scared to encounter any police officers under any circumstances. There's too much of this kind of thing going on. Makes me wonder if the officers are hyped up on drugs or something. I think they ought to drug test the officers any time they are involved in such an incident. It might be revealing.