A Little Cornucopia of Conundrums

Posted by: mason

A Little Cornucopia of Conundrums - 04/14/11 06:49 AM

Friar Tuck, whose name shud not b mangled, is a Good man, Virtuous n Sincere. He is also, however, an unfortunate victim of the low ends of most of the other Scales of Attributes that constitute that which makes a functional Human Being, including the Scales of Courage, Intelligence, Physical Conditioning, n Paying Attention to What's Going On.

Tuck's iniquities seem even more inadequate when compared to the extraordinary cunning of an immediately local criminal named Buster. Tuck had known Buster for many years, but only had recently become aware of the man's evil n intelligence. Tuck was so impressed with Buster's Brains, he was tempted to classify him as Supernatural.

Despite having a stranglehold on the highest levels of politics, law, n the media, Buster, for unknown reasons, chose to live in poverty, having apparently convinced all the local goofs that he was one of them, a Slow-Witted Nobody of Any Particular Consequence. So powerful were his strategies that no one, until Tuck just now, was aware they were being manipulated. So evil was his intent, that Tuck felt many people were in extreme danger. Tuck does not know whether Buster knows that he knows. This is the situation to the best of Tuck's reckoning.

The friar is passionate re serving the cause of Good, as well as all the Virtues he sees as defining the concept of Good. The ingredients he includes in his Good recipe include Love, Truth, Faith, Compassion, Patience, Generosity, Happiness, Humor, Courage, Tolerance, Forgiveness, Peace, n Understanding. He imagines there r prolly other ingredients he shud include, but he doesn't think it thru quite that deeply. He reluctantly omits Justice from the list, bcuz it seems too closely associated with Punishment, which seems too closely associated with Revenge. Having dealt with his own Anger issues, Tuck abhors Revenge.

Tuck feels emboldened n wants to safeguard the innocents, but, aware of his own idiocy, has little Confidence in his ability to appropriately initiate a Wise response to the situation. Also, he feels irritated by this thought: "What if my Courage fails me at a bad moment?" He doesn't trust his gut bcuz it doesn't seem like his instincts have served him very well when making fuzzy decisions in the past. Further complicating the issue, he defines Faith as "rejection of the Logical in favor of the Spiritual".

Friar Tuck has a finite amount of time to Think, weigh his options, ie, struggle to gather together his disobedient ability to Focus. He imagines what wud happen shud he find himself in a position to seize a golden opportunity, but at the cost of making heavy Spiritual decisions. He wishes to quickly gear his mind for dealing with the unexpected.

Desperate Questions swirl thru our hero's smoky mind. Which ones shud he grab onto most eagerly?

Shud he tell someone? If so, whom shud he tell? What risks wud he b taking blabbing his mouth in an environment controlled to an unknown extent by a madman? Is it ever acceptable to kill? If so, r some lives worth more than others? At what point shud a man risk his status as a Spiritual warrior by being a Physical warrior? If a plan occurs to him that involves increased risk to--or even sacrifice of--innocents, wud the ends justify the means? How shud self-preservation b factored? Live to fight another day or strike a mighty blow? Is it Good to take up an anti-Buster position or is Tuck being tricked by his own demons of Anger, still haunting his own heart, desiring Violence? What re lying? When does deceit become acceptable? Shud he have Faith that a power higher than Buster is decently concerned n has a plan that will work out just fine in the end? Shud he just go home, get drunk n forget re it? What if he must to choose between condemning Buster or taking an opportunity to save the evil man's soul? Cud that decision make him Regret having Faith? Where to draw the line between having Faith n being an effective Guardian? At what point shud making Spiritually-based decisions b considered reckless gambling? When shud he take a gamble on his unpredictable sense of Courage? How shud a Physical Life b valued vs a Spiritual one? Shud it b viewed as a simple numbers game? Just pick the option with the smallest body count? What important Questions haven't been asked yet? When shud he stop looking for the precisely correct Question n start looking for practical Answers to the best Questions he's gathered thus far?

What's the most immediate issue?

A gauntlet's been dropped.
Take it up, those who will
Posted by: Bill S.

Re: A Little Cornucopia of Conundrums - 04/14/11 09:11 PM

"Not-Quite Science", or not science at all? That seems to be the question.

Interesting signs of an evolving use of English! smile
Posted by: Amaranth Rose II

Re: A Little Cornucopia of Conundrums - 04/14/11 10:40 PM

I'm wondering if we should have a "Standard English Only" policy. I find the abbreviations he used difficult to decipher and very distracting. I moved it to NQS rather than delete it outright. Maybe I should put it under Science Fiction?

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Re: A Little Cornucopia of Conundrums - 04/17/11 07:57 AM

Greetings, all. It is I.
Mister Looney Toons McStraightjacketface.

Just wanted to share my reflections on my own giant ego. Sure is a doozy, by gum. I'm bothered by it.

In all my searches thru the labyrinth of Wisdom, my mind will always drift off in this direction or that vector or whatever. I often stumble across the same concepts, often from many different directions, often many times over. It's become apparent to me that egos, by n large, are not Good things. Most philosophies wud rather focus on Humility, bcuz it's a practical tool for promoting Wisdom. But beware.

Take it from me, it's a vicious cycle. Humility is what drives me to peer deep within the bright mist of my soul n savagely attack any ugliness I c. This results in a feeling of euphoria as my essence is purged. My eyes light up n a smile stretches across my face so wide I fear I'll b half-decapited. I feel like bellowing laughter n clapping my hands n annoying everyone around me. This leads me to feel shame; cuz how can I honestly identify with my self-perception as a pious warrior of Wisdom if I'm strutting around sniffing my own flatulence, declaring myself superior? This leads to more Humility, more purging, more giddiness.

Vicious cycle. Folks around me r vaguely uncomfortable, I suspect. I need help. Wud u b so kind?

If u shud ever c me walking down the street, laughing at trees n scratching myself, perhaps yelling unintelligible things at lil ole ladies passing by, ask urself: "How wud I feel if I were being eternally tortured by my own sense of self-satisfaction?" Have some Pity n spit on a loon. Or chunk a banana peel if that's ur thing. Don't forget the creative name-calling. I wud sincerely appreciate any assistance u may avail regarding this unpleasantness.

Not that I'm sudgesting u shud b an enabler or anything.

With increasing respect for Humility (but not so much for outright humiliation cuz I mean like cmon now yknow let's not get this thing too twisted here),
Posted by: mason

Re: A Little Cornucopia of Conundrums - 04/17/11 08:13 AM

Wasn't me, Mike.

... and all He ever wanted to do... was spend a little time with you... hey Mr. Burns... hey Mr. Burns...

i kin c u from cross the room
meet me on the dance floor
Posted by: Bill S.

Re: A Little Cornucopia of Conundrums - 04/17/11 06:19 PM

Mason; Real humility is a matter of accepting the truth about yourself, nothing more, nothing less; even if that truth involves an admission that psychiatric help might be a good thing. smile
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Re: A Little Cornucopia of Conundrums - 04/24/11 09:21 AM

and u, u gears of the dethklok,
shall not b judged
s.ans ur own free will.
Posted by: Bill S.

Re: A Little Cornucopia of Conundrums - 04/25/11 09:50 PM

Originally Posted By: mason
and u, u gears of the dethklok, shall not b judged
s.ans ur own free will.

English translation, please.
Posted by: KirbyGillis

Re: A Little Cornucopia of Conundrums - 04/26/11 12:59 AM

Don't be discouraged. I see the literary art.

It's a unique style...the phrasing is interesting. There's even some philosophy embedded within.

Probably too esoteric for this forum though.

If you write; I'll read.
Posted by: Bill S.

Re: A Little Cornucopia of Conundrums - 04/27/11 10:43 PM

Thanks KG. It's to esoteric for me, as well.
Posted by: Revlgking

Re: A Little Cornucopia of Conundrums - 04/28/11 05:53 PM

Originally Posted By: Bill S.
Originally Posted By: mason
and u, u gears of the dethklok, shall not b judged
s.ans ur own free will.
English translation, please.
Conundrum? It can mean a riddle whose answer involves a play on words. For example, What has four eyes (iiii) but cannot see? Answer: The Mississippi. smile

It can also mean any puzzling problem, even a person. IMO (in my opinion) it can ever apply to posters like Mason who tell us nothing in their profile about who they are and why they post. It seems to be that the more we know about each other--physically, mentally and spiritually--the better the communication.

I don't mind the use of short forms, which I use now and then, as long as I am told where there is a source we can go to get a translation. After all, wars have often been the end result of miscommunication. Goodbye? It originally meant God be with ye?

Posted by: kallog

Re: A Little Cornucopia of Conundrums - 05/02/11 04:58 AM

Originally Posted By: KirbyGillis
Don't be discouraged. I see the literary art.

It's not just you, the music/TV industry saw the art in it too!

"The Gears" - Dethklok

You've conquered pain
You've conquered fear
Stand proud and salute
The bloodied flag here

You pledged your death and
Your last breath
You are the gears
You are the gears