"Irreducible Complexity"

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"Irreducible Complexity" - 04/06/06 07:32 PM


Proponents of ID, the newest breed of creationists, using a style of argument very similar to their predecessors, point to certain things in nature and say, "See, Evolution CAN'T POSSIBLY explain this."

Just because we don't have a current explanation, they conclude that no explanation is possible. This is really argument from ignorance. This new study has shown how something that was previously concluded to be "Irreducibly Complex" by the IDers probably came about by natural mechanisms.

Maybe now they will acknowledge their mistake and we can get on with it. But it's equally a mistake to think that IR has been disproven. It was never a good scientific principle to begin with and didn't need refutation. That scientists have done so is useful information. But if this advance had never been made, IR is still not a useful formulation for science.
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Dang it. It just occurred to me that maybe I ought to have put this in the origins section.
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The Fiend wrote:
"Maybe now they will acknowledge their mistake and we can get on with it."

When pigs can fly.

You see this is just another example of how understanding God's work is beyond our comprehension: How God works in mysterious ways. Proving once again just how amazingly powerful God is.

Crackpots are crackpots. They'll choke on their own tonsils before they admit they were wrong.
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Intelligent Design = "God of the Gaps"

The best refutation I've read recently is Judge Jones' ruling in the Dover, PA case -- from a scientific layman. Of course, the ACLU lawyers who got Dr. Behe to admit that under his definition of *science*, astrology would be included, did a fine job.

See: http://www.pamd.uscourts.gov/kitzmiller/kitzmiller_342.pdf

for the 139 page ruling.
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Judge Jones did a magnificent job.

Anyone associated with Behe after what happened in that court room go back to their elementary school and request permission to audit classes.