Wassup with the Space Shuttle?

Posted by: Wolfman

Wassup with the Space Shuttle? - 09/20/06 07:24 AM

I didn't watch the evening News today, but I had the volume cranked up as I did some stuff in my workshop. It seems that there is some trepidation in returning to the ground. They may even have to abondon the craft and spend some time inside the ISS until a rescue can be arranged. Anybody heard anything?
Posted by: dehammer

Re: Wassup with the Space Shuttle? - 09/20/06 08:50 AM

The crew saw some thing that appeared to have come off the shuttle. they are breaking out the gear to study the outside to see if it was a tile or something that would cause the shuttle to be destroyed or if it is something like a bag of trash that came off or a lump of ice. there is no way of knowing until they get the equipment off. one of the sensors indicated a mild impact, but it could have been vibrations.