Need help for research

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Need help for research - 06/08/06 10:31 AM

I am a graduate student in Hacettepe University in Turkey. I am trying to finish my thesis which one is about the image of Turkey. So I need poeple whom are not Turkish and not living in Turkey to join the survey on the following URL. It will only take at most 5 minutes of you. You can find the details about the survey in the folowing URL or you can ask me from there or from

Please help :rolleyes:
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Re: Need help for research - 06/08/06 03:06 PM

Question 4 has a logic error in that it asks the respondent to only answer "IF" but yet it is mandatory for all.

Most of your questions are good but you really should give respondents a place to write comments as some answer may mislead you.

For example I know your country has a democratically elected government ... so does the US ... but in each of our countries we still have a lot of very undemocratic government activity.

Turkey's biggest problem, from my standpont, is that it needs to get realistic about the Kurds and give them autonomy and equality just as the UK finally found a solution, or so it seems, to the Northern Ireland problem.
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Re: Need help for research - 06/10/06 12:10 PM

First thank you for your interest. But things really seem different from outside. Actually this is why I am doing this research. I want to know what does Turkey look like from outside.
From my point of view nobody deserves a special treatment in Turkey. I do not accept that. Every one is Turkish in this country if they choose to live in here. I do not care about where they come from. This discrimination is the source of this problem. They are working in the same positions as we do. They have accounts in the same banks. Thay graduate from our universities. Moreover they make you to say "they" to them. But they do not want us to live with them. It is unacceptable for them to have even just a handfull of soil of my country and to pronounce it as Kurdistan. Inside the boundaries of this land they are Turkish to me. I say they are free to go and they are free to live with us. Enough of this enemy type behaviors.
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Re: Need help for research - 06/11/06 07:51 PM

From the outside Turkey looks like a country too invested in the past to move forward.

The Kurds need the same rights as everyone else.
The Armenian genocide needs to be acknowledged.

And citizens of Turkey, no matter their ethnicity, language, culture, or tradition, need to decide whether they want to focus on the past (good, bad, or otherwise) or wipe the slate clean and move forward.

You wrote:
"Enough of this enemy type behaviors."

I agree. I just wish your government and mine would get over their respective imbecilities.

BTW: My girlfriend was born in Ankara and we are hoping to vacation in Turkey sometime in the near future (next 2-3 years).
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Re: Need help for research - 06/11/06 08:07 PM

I was born in Ankara too also still living in Ankara. I hope you would come to Turkey. the reason why I like people coming to Turkey is that -actually it is a bit about my research- when they see Turkey with their own eyes their thoughts always change in a positve way, because Turkey really has a big image problem. We should work harder on publicity.

Thank you and thanks to all who are helping me and sharing their ideas with me.
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Re: Need help for research - 06/12/06 05:09 PM

Take a good look at how Germany and Japan totally changed their images between 1945 and 1955. It is an object lesson in what a country should do.

The first step in gaining general acceptance is to acknowledge reality and apologize for past misdeeds.

You can not avoid repeating an error if you've not the courage to acknowledge it. Thus the US does in Iraq what it did in Vietnam to its detriment.
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Re: Need help for research - 06/13/06 04:06 PM

Please I need 30 people more for the survey.

By the way thanks a lot whom ever responded. laugh
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Re: Need help for research - 06/15/06 12:10 PM

Do you mind telling to your friends about the survey. It is getting really difficult to find respondents. Only five people filled out the survey in three days. I am running out of time. I preciate your help thanks again smile
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Re: Need help for research - 06/15/06 03:53 PM

I'll put out the word. Expect a few more responses within the next 24 hours.
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Re: Need help for research - 06/15/06 08:19 PM

Thanks a lot for your help. I guess it is working.
Some people are blaming me that this is an imaginary thesis and those are marketing scams. thank you for your support, trust and kindness.
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Re: Need help for research - 06/15/06 11:44 PM

There is enough rotten here that one need not go looking for more. ;-)

When someone is truly applying their brain and sweat to something they deserve support.
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Re: Need help for research - 06/21/06 07:37 PM

Thanks a lot to you all for your help. The survey is finally over and the winners e-mail were sent. Thanks a lot again smile