3-D Molecules

Posted by: superman

3-D Molecules - 12/01/04 01:41 AM

I thought this gave good visuals without the need for special glasses eek http://valhalla.chem.udel.edu/3-D.html
Posted by: Anonymous

Re: 3-D Molecules - 12/01/04 04:44 AM

Interesting. I got three lively little molecules in 3-D on the top figure, but the rest were just blurry jumbles.

Maybe someone else has different results.

Posted by: Uncle Al

Re: 3-D Molecules - 12/04/04 02:31 AM

ORTEP, CRYSTAL; any molecular modeling program will generate stereodiagrams,

Posted by: Anonymous

Re: 3-D Molecules - 12/04/04 04:51 AM

Al, it's not the stereogram's fault. It's my eyes; they diverge sufficiently that I can't bring the larger molecules into focus completely. I'm a dud at a stereogram party, too. Everybody's got to have a flaw, I guess. I went through six years of college and two degrees and only two people ever realized I couldn't see properly through binocular scopes. I should have been an astrononer, I suppose. Or applied for a job as Werner Klemperer's understudy. :-)