A Phoenix over Iceland

Posted by: Bill

A Phoenix over Iceland - 03/17/16 02:54 AM

The Astronomy Picture of the Day for March 16 is a Phoenix bird that appeared over Iceland.

Phoenix over Iceland

A beautiful picture.

Bill Gill
Posted by: Bill S.

Re: A Phoenix over Iceland - 03/17/16 01:09 PM

Nice one, Bill.

Beats a lot of the stuff that finds its way onto SAGG!
Posted by: Amaranth Rose II

Re: A Phoenix over Iceland - 03/28/16 08:52 AM

Bill S., if you want better content you have to supply it. You should know by now that SAGG is user-driven, and the quality of the content is strictly driven by the quality of the input material. If you want better content, supply some. I have submitted a great deal of content to this board and it goes unremarked and unremembered. SAGG is as SAGG gets. If you want a show quality pup, feed it show quality chow and stroke its desirable traits well.
Posted by: Bill S.

Re: A Phoenix over Iceland - 03/29/16 01:37 PM

You are absolutely right, Rose. Over the years I have been posting on SAGG I have tried to make positive contributions, but even my optimism flags at times when it seems SAGG is being choked.

We seem to have lost quite a few positive, lively posters and I guess we will all have to make a concerted effort if we are going to attract some new ones.

I enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of SAGG, and appreciate that maintaining that while combating trolling must involve a fine balancing act. Please don't think your efforts are entirely unappreciated.