More Pie in the Sky: 3 days to Mars

Posted by: Bill

More Pie in the Sky: 3 days to Mars - 02/25/16 02:53 AM has an article about a NASA paper that proposes a way to propel spacecraft without rockets. It would use directed photons to push the spacecraft along. They think it could be used for fast interplanetary travel, and other things such as protecting the ISS from debris.

Sounds like one more of those unlikely things. It would be nice if it could work though.

Bill Gill
Posted by: paul

Re: More Pie in the Sky: 3 days to Mars - 02/26/16 03:26 PM

modern science says that a photon has no mass.

so modern science cant use the technology.

LOL , where theres a will theres deceit in modern science
to avoid the acknowledgement of the mass of a photon
the video says that a photon has ( energy and momentum )

now I'm curious how there is momentum or energy if
a photon has no mass ...

momentum = mass x velocity

energy = mass x c^2

meanwhile I'm going to brush up on my modern science
to check if these guys were correct or not.