Fault Formation

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Fault Formation - 11/10/04 01:43 AM

I am preparing to introduce fault formation. I am looking for a hands-on activity to incorporate into my lesson. Any ideas
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Re: Fault Formation - 11/10/04 06:49 AM

This is not the place for pranks and games. As Moderator I must request that you refrain from this sort of activity on this forum. Posting popularity polls is not in keeping with the purpose of this place. Inappropriate posts can and will be removed if necessary. Please take heed.
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Re: Fault Formation - 11/10/04 06:16 PM

Then remove it ... please!
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Re: Fault Formation - 11/11/04 03:55 AM

That's next--if it continues. frown But it's hard to have an example if you don't have an example, Dan, you know what I mean? Everybody gets a chance.