Do black holes exist?

Posted by: Anonymous

Do black holes exist? - 10/23/04 10:05 PM

Yes, i understand that much of the evidence points toward the existence of black holes, but surely just because this particular idea helps to provide an explanaition of something for which we have no explanation otherwise does not render this in itself as proof. When will we gather enough irrefutable proof to put all doubters of the existance of black holes to rest? Unless we can either disprove all other theories as to what these objects may be, or prove their existance entirely, then surely we will always be left with people that are unable to accept a 'half-proof'as an explanaition for these occurances such as Cygnus X-1!?
Posted by: DA Morgan

Re: Do black holes exist? - 10/25/04 12:35 AM

Based on your criteria there is no proof that quarks and gluons exist.

By any reasonable basis the existance of black holes has been unambiguously proven.