The deleterious effects of dioxin

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The deleterious effects of dioxin - 05/02/05 10:25 PM

As if there were any doubt. A fascinating case study of what happens when huge swaths of a country are turned into what is essentially a Superfund site.
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Re: The deleterious effects of dioxin - 05/10/05 04:11 AM

Unfortunately that is the legacy of war.
Agent orange was used to clear the jungle so that
the enemy could be more easily seen and bombed.The Americans eventual success came at a terrible price for the Vietnamese.

In the Second world War the Japanese commited terrible atrocitys. Why did they do it?
Because they were not a democratic country, had no parliement or senate, they were led by their God, Emperor Hirohito, his word was sacrosanct.
They almost conquered the East. Malaya Vietnam Singapore Burma, parts of India and China all came under the thumb of the Japanese.
You died willingly for your Emperor, because you were taught to believe in him. They would never surrender. A bit like Sunnis in Irak.
If you are not a Democracy, you can only be ruled by a despot.
The whole World has had them at one time or another, Before they became a Democracy.
Hannibal, Ghengis Kahn, Ceasar. Stalin , Hitler
Mao Tse Tung, Henry VIII. Once a country becomes a Democracy war tends to receed, thank goodness.

The proof of that is the fact that the World is actually split up into far more different states , countrys , groups of peoples , and Religions than there ever was a few hundred years ago. The differences were there then, the languages, the areas, the religions ...But if it had not been for Democracy, most of those minoritys would have been converted, assimilated and killed.
War is bad...Democracy is good....No?