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#619 - 11/27/04 09:05 PM OMG! PLEASE HELP ME!!!
Ellie Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/27/04
Posts: 2
Loc: California
OMG! PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have to do these science questions but i totally dont get it!!!! PLEASE HELP!!! PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH THE ANSWERS AT HeavenlyEllie13@aol.com!!! THANX!!!

Complete the following work and power problems. The first two have been done as examples for you. Remember:

Work (J) = Force (N) X Distance (m)

Power (W) = Work (J) / Time (sec.)

1. 200W = 2000J / 10sec


2. 20J = 10N X 2m


3. 20J = force? X 2m

4. work? = 10N X 500m

5. work? = .2N X 600m

6. 5000J = 500N X distance?

7. work? = 82N X 76m

8. work? = 820N X 205m

9. work? = 20N X 0m

10. 200 W = 2000 J / Time ?

11. 15 W = Work? / 10 sec

12. Power? = 56 J / 2 sec

13. Power? = 324 J / 18 sec

14. Power? = 500 J / 50 sec

15. Power? = 3256 J / 123 sec

#620 - 11/28/04 01:09 AM Re: OMG! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Just multiply or divide the numbers!

Work (J) = Force (N) X Distance (m) implies

Force (N) = Work (J)/Distance (m) etc.

#621 - 11/28/04 03:57 AM Re: OMG! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Originally posted by Ellie:
OMG! PLEASE HELP ME!!! I have to do these science questions but i totally dont get it!!!! PLEASE HELP!!! PLEASE EMAIL ME WITH THE ANSWERS AT HeavenlyEllie13@aol.com!!! THANX!!!

As Moderator I should like to explain to you that this is a Science Forum, not a Science homework rescue and trauma center or a royal road to a higher grade. There is a vast difference between someone, however loco, posting topics for Science comment or political discussion, and an apparently desperate teenager seeking to pick the minds of others instead of doing their own work. How do you think the people here got that knowledgeable in the first place? By and large, they went out and DID THE WORK for themselves. You too can learn by doing. In the amount of time you took to post those problems, my teenaged son could have done them in his head. So could you, or with a hand held calculator.

Secondly, the use of capital letters in other than their grammatically corect placement is known as "shouting". It's very abrasive and offensive. Do not do it in other people's homes if you wish to be welcome there.

Thirdly, using a desperate-sounding plea for help to procure e-mail addresses for other than their intended uses, such as selling to bulk mailers and porn distributors, is heavily frowned upon. There are many in this place who would have the means at their disposal to provide you with ample evidence of their displeasure.

I'd suggest you quit while you're ahead. If you wish to make comments of an intellectual nature, lay on. Any other type of use of this forum will meet with corrective actions from Administrators and Moderators.

Have a nice day! smile

Amaranth Rose, Moderator and Junior Cat Herder

#622 - 11/28/04 07:42 PM Re: OMG! PLEASE HELP ME!!!
Andy Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/28/04
Posts: 18
Loc: Latitude: 38.9748 Longitude 94...
Scienceagogo has mods?
And a hugely different format?

And Rose is one of those mods?
Wellll then as a mod I shall now subject you to my complaining and nit-picking!

I can't use my ? on my name. This is not good.

I like the new look though.

#623 - 11/29/04 07:13 AM Re: OMG! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

Welcome home, my friend, welcome home! It's not quite Motel 6, but we always leave the light on for you! ;-)

Maybe you could use (TM) or eek instead. laugh

Seriously, it's so good to see yet another old friend from the war zone. I'm a peacetime Warrior, er, Moderator now, so wash your hands before you come to the table.

Seriously, I'll check with Kate about the trademark notation. And will you be having the chicken or the sea bass? laugh


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