I posted this 06-25-09
The Concept of the Whole and Threadism Kyra K 2009
Andrea is discussing this with me.

I dont know, Andrea, maybe its not that different from what others have written.
Probably not. So, when do you want to start?[Remember, you did ask me to help you.)

Yes, I need someone to ask me questions and bounce back (with more questions to my answers). Its all speculation you know.
Everything is. Well, everything which addresses the meaning of life etc, is.

Okay, here goes. Scientists are saying that 25% of the Universe is dark matter and 70% of the Universe is dark energy - that is a whopping 95% of everything being this dark stuff which may, or may not, co-exist. It is through us, with us and I think it may be us.

Hang on, am I supposed to argue with this now?
Well, what do you think?
Its a bit simplistic isnt it?

I wish it was.

Well, its no secret that you have Pantheist leanings. The Pantheists believe just what you have said, that everything is the Universe and the Universe is everything.
Yes, but not that one part is matter-aware and the other part is energy-aware.

Which is which?

Look, I dont know, but consider this hypothesis. We are matter aware and the other part of us, which exists with us, but also separate to us (seemingly) is energy aware.

You say seemingly?

Well everything is joined just that some are not aware that it is. I think thats why meditation works. When humans are able to let go of the physical for a few seconds, minutes, hours or even days as some monks can, we tap into the dark energy.
We are not aware that we are aware?

Well, we are, of course aware that we are here, but not all of us are aware that we are part of the Whole: dark energy and dark matter combined. And lets stop calling it dark. Just because scientists cant see it, it doesnt make it dark. We have nothing to quantify its colour. I will call both forms Light from now on. As in Light energy and Light matter.

Yeah, I do agree with you about the dark inference, it makes it sound sinister. So what you are saying is that we are all part of the same thing, this Light energy and this Light matter stuff?

Okay, consider this, the Light matter may be what is live. Everything that has life, as we know it, has awareness, even if they are not aware of having awareness. Light matter 25%. Then another 70% is Light energy which still has awareness because, I believe, it is connected. And the other 5% is all the physical matter: bodies, bone, fur, feather, mineral chemical and inert material.

Yeah, we humans are aware of being aware. And some other animals may be aware of being aware, too.

Yes, but I am talking about all life: insects, animals, germs, microbes, bacteria and all the botanicals being the 25% Light matter. But still connected to the 70% Light energy.
I have thought of an analogy. As I said before, this is probably not original, but it is the closest I can get, to explaining myself.

Im listening.

A flock of birds seem separate but to themselves they are not completely separate. They are connected to the lead bird and he/she to them. One entity, many parts. When flying formation this connection is obvious (they instantly move as one while they still have their own position and place) but it may be they have some sort of connection which is not so obvious at other times, too. So might all animals and insects and even plants. It could be species specific (this close awareness of the others). And we humans have this too, for example: when there is a short story competition or call for an anthology a lot of the entries/contributions will have the same theme. And it also explains other synchronicity. Lets take this a step further, perhaps all life is connected (animals plants, microbes humans etc) and all death, as we know it, is connected as well.


After death of the outer shell (our separate state) we are awoken to the awareness (it has always been with us) of light energy. And this Light energy has far more consciousness than the consciousness we live through our physical selves. It may be like the flock of birds flying in formation all seeing through the same eyes and feeling though the same body of the flock.
Like I said, I think we are connected to this Light energy in life even when we have the shell. So everything, both Light energy 70% and Light matter 25% is one at all times, or the Whole.
That is some concept. What about the nitty gritty matter, the blood and bone, leaf and fur, so to speak?
Mere packaging (and only a tiny 5% of all) and it is the way we (all living organisms) can abide in this environment.
Oh, thats what you mean by the shell. But just how are we connected?
I think it may be through threads. Something similar perhaps, to radio waves (different frequencies and strengths) but the connection is like tissue (in a human body) we need it to be the Whole.
Lets call this connection Threadism. Perhaps it is also part of what we used to call instinct and intuition.
So now, whenever I look at someone else, I remember that their Light matter and Light energy is our/my Light matter and our/my Light energy.
And when this body wears out I will still be, but with more awareness.

The awareness of the Universe.

The Universe or the Whole (except for the 5%) Yes, exactly. Not The Universe but We Universe.

Yes, well, how did us/we Universe come about?
Look, like I told M, I am just like a horse trying to explain/understand how a television works; what I have here is just a line (drawn with my hoof!) depicting the side of the screen. I certainly dont have all the answers.

Why do we need to come here as sentient, or living beings?

Well, I think, for variety. Entertainment, stimulation, change, growth. (Andrea, dont forget there are other life-filled planets). As The Whole we all benefit. We humans learn what benefits, or you could say what is right, by cause and effect, conscience and acknowledging Karma both good and bad. From this, we as humans have gained tolerance, understanding and compassion.
Connection, passive or otherwise, strengthens or makes possible these learnings. Anyway, a lot of what we think is bad, is not - like dying for instance.
Also, I think that not all of the 70% of us that is light energy (not physical) has to interchange with the physical, or the 25% Light matter, ever. For this bit of Us, perhaps the Us that lives in the Physical, are like our novels or short stories! Lol.

What are the advantages of believing in this?

Well, no envy - you can be truly happy for another when you know the other is you, (by Threadism) as well. No selfishness. No fear of the future. We learn that listening to our Instinct or Intuition or the voice of the Whole, and seeing synchronicity for signs of Threadism as well, can help us live a more fulfilled life. And understanding that Karma is working for us.

And I guess you dont have to worry about death.

Exactly, and it (this belief) makes you want to live.
How so?

Well, for the good of the Whole you want to enjoy and experience life as much as you can. And also learn from Karma.
Is all suffering karma then?
No, not all. I think the only way we can control the 5% which is the actual matter and the elements too, which bring disaster (in our thinking) etc, is by collective learning. This learning has led us to manipulate our environment (and our lives). And we have learned by our mistakes and successes. We, the Whole, are not perfect or omniscient. Even though We are connected it does not stop people, microbes germs, elements etc from doing their separate thing, be it wrong (by human standards) or just following their own nature. But of all the parts of the Whole, humans have had more influence/control over themselves and their own environment.

Now, how can I get this straight?

Ill try and quantify it in numbers.
1. We are all part of, and therefore, the Whole. Less the 5% physical: blood, bone, fur, feather bodies, minerals, gases and inert matter. Which we are learning to control.
2. There is no need for envy or fear of the future. No need for selfishness. We should look at everyone as the Whole.
Before I go on, I should explain (although you would already know this) that not everyone knows they are part of the Whole.
But they still would be?
Yes, but, like an arm that has gone to sleep because some of the circulation has been cut off, they are separate.

But you said..?

The arm with the circulation partly cut off has the blood, life force, still circulating. The arm is joined to the body but it feels separate and is not good for the body.
We can still acknowledge that it (those unaware) is part of us but we need to do something about it.

I see, make it/them aware.

Yes, rub the circulation back (lol), support, understand. Or, in some cases, keep away.

Okay, 3 - No need for fear of death. Or for us to say there is no god, when people/ animals die.
Death is not the big deal we thought it was. Although, of course it is very sad for those still in the physical 5%. But for We that die (shed shells) it is a greater awareness. And We are still joined to those loved ones by Threadism.

4. The god is WE (connected) with the Whole by Threadism.
Light energy 70%, Light matter 25% and Outer shells (what is visible) 5%. Only the shells go back to stardust.

5. For the Whole there is no time but IS.
We experience this life as we know it, for growth, interest and awe, for the good of the Whole. And to learn by our mistakes and triumphs, take notice of Karma and synchronicity, instinct and intuition. The Whole is evolving.

6. We may feel separate but this is so we can get the maximum benefit of being a living being. Synchronicity and Karma, instinct and intuition, show we are still connected by Threadism.

7. Just like the numb arm we are still part of the Whole, even if we are not aware.

8. In parting with the shell we become more aware, as we are awake to the greater Whole.
Mm interesting concept. Do you think it will catch on?
Well, if Im right, others of Light Matter know this already.
And the Light Energy has always known.

NB - I think, We (95%) are as connected to the 5% as a musician is connected to a trumpet/ trombone etc. We blow breath (life) through it and the music we play is an extension and expression of ourselves.