So President Putin avoided a military strike on Syria back in President Obama's Admin because of the usage of chemical weapons by President Assad by removing chemical weapons from Syria.

And as we all know chemical weapons have been used again in Syria and
President Trump has retaliated in compliance with previous warnings about the usage of chemical weapons.

this video will cover the above.

of course I have my own opinions about this event.

1) Syria / Putin had no feasible reason to use chemical weapons
they are winning their war against terror in Syria.

2) it is entirely possible that President Putin was able to remove
all of the chemical weapons in Syria that he knew of ...

3) President Trump followed through with an air strike knowing full well that there had to be a military response but this tiny response was in no way a slap to the face of President Putin or President Assad ...

4) I dont know but I think that there are other hands moving the cards around on the stage for the actors to see as they attempt to
play an honest game ...

this whole charade in my opinion is an attempt to induce war in the area and possibly other areas between the U.S. its allies and
Russia and its allies.

who would make money if a war of this scale breaks out ?

its always ... always about money.

this notion of mine may point to a reason why or we could say the
cause and effect ... Russia is moving away from the central banking system ... Hitler did too ... JFK tried but was assassinated.
Iran , Iraq , Libya , and a few others I believe also attempted
to move away from the west's central banking system or have already moved away from it.

Isn't it slightly odd !!!

how many must die so that the central banking system can survive?

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.