well said Paul , That pretty much sums it up.

Anti Trump Riots held in 7 cities ... possibly 1/2 of the
major population cities of the 14 or so cities that voted
for Hillary , Im just glad that there wasnt more cities that
voted for her.

all in all at the end of the day President Trump will still be
the President that the majority of voters voted for in the Presidential Election.

the rioters look mostly like college students and Hillary was going
to forgive their education cost if elected.

and that is enough to anger someone looking at repaying a lifetime of
tuition and living expense cost that builds up while gaining
an education.

that may not be the only reason why these rioters are rioting
but it is a large reason from a future financial viewpoint.

to me the Democrats are showing the rest of the world
that our Free Democratic Elections dont mean spit to the
Democratic Party in the United States.

without our Free Democratic Elections we would end up with
something like the E.U. where no one is elected and only appointments to office take place.

thats not for me and that is precisely the position that
the Globalist are trying to impose on the United States.

1) its a done deal.
2) get over it.
3) these riots are exactly what the Globalist want.

and they care as much about you as they care about all
the people in the other countries that they tear down and
destroy for their own selfish needs and desires.


3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.