Congratulations to all of those who voted for the U.S.A. in
this 2016 President of The United States Election and
thank you so much
to everyone in the alternative news networks for giving
us the opportunity to see the truth behind the lies so
that we could make an informed decision on our own.

Although the Drudge Report is hailed as the top source
for alternative news it lacks the ability to bring emotion
into the picture through outright vigilance and focus
on the underlying processes that encompass the vast and ever
increasing desires that the globalist want to achieve
to gain power and control over the Citizens of the World.

There is no battle over this information , no laying of
claims as to who owns the information and this information
is freely given to all who wish to read or view it.

this is where Mr Alex Jones and His News Media Network
comes into play , he takes this news from many sources
and from his own diverse number of news sources
and aggregates them together and produces an intense visual
and emotional message that captures the audience and sparks
the viewers thought processes like a knife cutting through
the thick fog of deceit that streams from the globalist owned
and operated propaganda news media machine and that spark
ignites a fire that spreads and cannot be contained.

the old saying that you can catch more bees with sugar than
with salt is true but when the bees eat through the top layer
and find that the underlying layers are bitter and that they
have been deceived into believing that it was all sugar they
simply stop eating and move on.

Thank You Mr Alex Jones and Thank You to all of the People
who have taken on the battle against the globalist.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.