on October 1 2016 the U.N. will takeover control of the worlds
internet ... I suppose? that means that they will be able to
censor the news around the world.

what other frickin purpose would a takeover of the internet involve?

will they be able to control who sees what like they do on facebook?

as far as Im concerned any news that I see on the internet after
the takeover cannot be trusted and the internet will be nothing
more than a entertainment portal where I can also shop for products
should I choose to buy anything anymore on the internet.

what really sucks is that the U.S. Presidential Elections are so
close and the candidates ratings are so close that I fear that
the mass media will use this censorship to attempt to guide votes
in favor of their chosen candidate that they wish to be placed in power.

as far as my vote is concerned for the candidate that I will vote
for there will be nothing that can change my mind and this move has
set my choice in stone you might say.

I dont care what news outlet or outlets that the globalist use
to try and convince me to change my mind and vote for their choice
that would comply with their agendas that they have planned for
us to live by and be ruled by ... they can kiss my buttocks ...
both cheeks.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.