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Joined: Mar 2009
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Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 90
Electromagnetic wave and photons –newsletter for physics

This newsletter is dedicated mainly to electromagnetic waves and corpuscles. It is not possible to have an exhaustive and complete presentation for such topics in a single document; therefore one should look at the content of this newsletter as the new frame which provides the basic mechanisms/principles and these will be further developed and applied in optics, magneticity (former electromagnetism), astronomy, atomicity, etc.
Other topics are presented in this newsletter, in order to ensure the priority and intellectual rights. These are: electron positron scattering and annihilation, magnetic interaction and kinetic molecular theory, radiation emitted by accelerated mass.

Section 1. Section 1 Infrared spectra and quantum hypothesis
Have you ever thought how is possible that a microwave or an infrared photon is able to produce an oscillation for an entire molecule or for a group of atoms and a visible photon with great effort is able to produce a jump of an electron between two orbits?
The effects are opposite to their energies though: a less energetic microwave photon is able to put into motion an entire molecule and the more energetic visible photon cannot do this and it struggle to excite a simple electron.

Section 2. JJ Thompson experiments and radiation emitted by accelerated charges
A revision of JJ Thompson experiments is made and contrary to what Maxwell equations predict, an accelerated charge is found to not emit electromagnetic waves. If accelerated electrons do emit energy, they cannot be focused into a spot and consequently none can measure the e/m ratio.
In fact, a new postulate in the new theory of magneticity will be: an accelerated charge does not emit radio wave or photons.

Section 3 How electromagnetic waves are generated
The emission of radio wave is caused by a flip of magnetic moments as was predicted by Hendrik van de Hulst.

Figure 6 Radio emission by neutral hydrogen

Is the electron accelerated before emission on its orbit around nucleus? Or is the electron decelerated after emission? No way, the electron motion around its nucleus is the same.
In order to obtain a generation of radio wave in common gadgets or radio-tv an LC oscillator is necessary. Electromagnetic waves are a simple consequence of a combination between an inductance and a capacitor at resonance and not the result of charge acceleration.

Section 4 How corpuscles are generated
For simplicity only the emission of corpuscles in IR and VIS is analyzed. By comparison with radio waves, in order to obtain a corpuscle, a jump of electron from an excited orbit to ground orbit is necessary as in fig. 9. No external magnetic field is necessary for such emission.

Figure 9. Photon emission as result of electron jump

In the new proposed theory, this electron jump and respectively corspuscle emission has to be treated based on classical physics laws and no supplementary hypothesis is necessary; to be clearer quantum hypothesis is not necessary in the new theory.
The corpuscles generated by electron jump form one orbit to another or by nuclear processes have following characteristics:
Classical mass at rest; the mass is increasing from IR photon to γ photon;
Classical spin, more precisely rotation of particle around an axe of symmetry; the angular momentum is increasing from IR photon to γ photon;
Classical magnetic moment; the value of this magnetic moment increase from IR photon to γ photon.
Maybe for some scientists the claim that photons have rest mass and magnetic momentum seems to be outrageous. If someone has kept himself updated with latest research in the field, by sure knows about slow light and some exciting properties of such slow light.
To be more precise visible photons can be slow down up to speeds of few km/hour and in these conditions they comport as having a magnetic moment too.
In reality, photons have all the time magnetic moments and not only when they are slow down. As far these magnetic moments are very small, and on the other hand the speed of the photons around us is very high, it is a bit difficult to put them in evidence in such condition.
Based on the magnetic moment of photons, common properties of light (reflection, refraction, interference, polarization, total internal reflection, absorption) were already consistently explained in the corpuscular nature of light published in 2009. Has someone ever heard about any other scientific theory able to explain in a deterministic way total internal reflection as example? I do not think so! All we present in books is a light beam bent back in the same medium and we apply some trigonometric formula. But neither quantum theory, nor electromagnetism is able to explain why this is happen.
Light, or at general case corpuscular radiation (IR, VIS, UV, X-ray, γ), can propagate even in vacuum or unionized medium. No medium is necessary for a particle to propagate through.
In order to avoid confusions, the term ,,photon”, in proposed theory, is further used to characterize only corpuscular radiation.

Section 5 Blackbody radiation in the new theory

According to quantum theory a body at a temperature greater then 0ºK should radiate energy over the entire range of frequencies, with different intensities, as predicted by Planck formula.
In contradiction with quantum theory a heated or cooled body does not radiate electromagnetic radiation (radio waves) and this fact can be verified experimentally; some cut off experiment were already presented on elkadot site.
The reason is more than evident: there are no internal LC oscillators into matter or no conditions for a flip of magnetic moments and therefore common matter cannot emit radio waves.
This is going to be a postulate of the new theory of thermodynamic: By no means can a cooled or a heated body emit radio waves.
The same blackbody cannot emit X ray or gamma rays because at that temperature, the blackbody ceases to exist as physical reality.
In the new proposed theory, a blackbody can emit only in infrared, visible and possible ultraviolet.
There is still another principle of physics proposed: By no means, a shifted infrared photon can be ever detected as an electromagnetic wave.

Section 6. Simple cut off experiments which prove
different nature for electromagnetic waves and corpuscles.

Some experiments were proposed a decade ago, but mainstream science was not interested to replicate them. Those experiments were related to angular momentum, polarization and momentum.
You can read the answer of University of Arizona team, which was supposed to replicate them.

Section 7 New experiments/facts which prove
different nature for radio waves and corpuscles.

A new experiment related to photoelectric effect and comparison between microwave and infrared is proposed and analyzed.
A new experiment/fact about how gravitational lensing act in case of corpuscles and radio waves is analyzed.
A variant of Stern Gerlach experiment for corpuscles (IR, VIS, UV, X ray, Gamma ray ) is proposed and analyzed.
Hubble law and redshift of photons are getting a new interpretation
Two new effects and their causes are analyzed: temporal and spatial aberration.

Section 8 Photon magnetic moment and elementary particles

Some quite elegant experiments based on polarized electron and positrons which can be performed at CERN or even other places are proposed; in the same time the topic is a kick off for reorganizing the elementary particles and nuclear science field.
The scattering of electron positron beams are analyzed and it can be found that magnetic interaction between electron and positron magnetic moments dictate the outcome of the collisions.
The entire nuclear physics must return back to the drawing board and reconsider the magnetic interaction between elementary particles. A nuclear reaction is nothing more than a coupling or decoupling of magnetic moments at nuclear level; by comparison it was already presented that a chemical reaction is nothing more than a coupling and decoupling of outer electrons magnetic moments.

Section 9 Electron magnetic moments interaction and kinetic molecular theory
In a similar manner, the previous model is extended and it is going to replace the kinetic molecular theory.
In the proposed theory, the interaction between two electron magnetic moments is not different in principle from the scattering between electron and positron magnetic moments.
Therefore it is a must that helium atoms (as example) after collision are scattered in random direction. I am not sure if the condition of 180 degree between helium atoms after scattering is entirely respected because the electron magnetic moments has to drag an entire atom after it and this is quite difficult, but the principle is the same.
The elastic collision will never have as outcome a random distribution of helium atoms after collision.
Some experiments will be proposed in order to check both these assumptions.

Section 10 Radiation emitted by accelerated neutral matter
In a similar manner with a previous discussion about the electron charge in an electric field, if an accelerated mass in a gravitational field emits energy, the concept of mass and measuring a mass becomes meaningless for cosmic bodies.
If someone cannot write the simple conservation of energy for a cosmic body moving around a center of force, than it is useless to speak about mass or about a theory of gravitation.
Do you think that Kepler laws keep their validity if a mass emits energy during acceleration in gravitational field? Of course not, but who cares!?
In the new proposed theory this is going to be a principle of astronomy in order to avoid false paths.
Principle: Matter accelerated in gravitational field does not emit electromagnetic waves or photons. The release of energy, if exists, has other secondary causes.

The link for this latest newsletter is:


Dr. Chem. Sorin Cosofret

Joined: Dec 2006
Posts: 962
Joined: Dec 2006
Posts: 962
Has anyone been able to read this through to the end? I find I am losing focus and forgetting what I have read halfway through. It is a toilsome effort. I must be needing more Oxygen to my brain than I am getting to plow through this lengthy post. Sorry to not have an intelligent response.

If you don't care for reality, just wait a while; another will be along shortly. --A Rose

Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 3,570
Joined: Aug 2010
Posts: 3,570
I'm so short of time these days that I would have to a strong incentive to attempt a post of that length. Unfortunately, in this case, the incentive is missing. It's a historical thing.

BTW, it's JJ Thomson, without a "P".

There never was nothing.
Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 90
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Joined: Mar 2009
Posts: 90

Due to a forced move, the name of the website where the article(s) is (are) hosted is www.pleistoros.com


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