Trump dropping out !!!
Hillary dropping out !!!
Obama to take 3rd term.
Republicans calling for removing Trump as nominee.

the elections are being rigged.
the FBI is going to indite hillary.
thousands call for hillary to step down.

Trump should not be given real intel from CIA.

WTF ...

what we are wittnessing in the normal media these days
is proof that Trump certainly is not the person that the
globalist want to run this country.

and he is the one person that I would vote for to run this
country for that reason alone.

he is showing more and more everyday that he is the better choice

and when he does or says nothing at all the globalist themselves
convince me even further that this guy is the real deal when
they flood the internet and the fake news stations with the hype
that they produce while picking which straw they will pull out
of the glass of straws that they invented in order to sway
voters into voting for hillary ...

were not stupid idiots and our votes for Trump better count.

rigged elections are not elections and any candidate that
is named the winner of an rigged election is not the winner
of an election.

and we will remember those who try to appoint our next president

it is being said that the political parties choose who
will run for election and win , I have always thought
that it was the PEOPLE.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.