I decided to start my own thread with a title
that would reflect the reality of the actual
changes to the climate which is simply a reversal
of the myth that is being advertised by the false
science realm and big media for scam profits
and for funding opportunities.

Todays Cryosphere Image

note: the below image is only good for
the current date.

so as time passes the image will change to reflect the
current date.

this post is posted on June 25 2016

and sagg does not have a upload area that could store
the image anymore.
and this date would not be found in the
cryosphere archive!!!

so enjoy todays technical advantages and save the image for
any future science discussion needs.

here is the cryosphere archive of daily images beginning
on December 31 2014 and stretching back to 1979
I suppose the cryosphere needs for there to be a
two year plus lag in the images for some purposes
other than science or maybe the purpose is science. confused


the red in the above seems to be mostly missing
when compared to the below image and is mostly purple
showing apx 100% ice cover...

June 24 1979

the red in the above shows apx 60% ice cover...

37 years and wheres the warming and wheres the melting located?

especially this year (the hottest on record) !!! hmmmpf

can anyone find any melting or warming?

of course not , but if you need to find evidence of any warming
just read the articles on global warming because the articles
are the only place on earth where any evidence of any warming
can be found.

except in the minds of those who have read the articles.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.