Discover has an article about the problems raised by the fossil finds at Dmanisi, Georgia (Not the American Georgia). The First Humans to Know Winter
The fossils don't match what was expected. They appear to be from an earlier Out Of Africa event than the widely held theory that Homo erectus was the first hominid to exit Africa, starting at around 1.8 Million years ago. But it appears that the hominids at Dmanisi were there before that. They did not apparently use the more advanced hand axes that were developed around 1.5 to 1.8 Million years ago, but the original Olduwan flakes. Read the article to get a better outline of the controversy the fossils have raised.

The title is based on the fact that they were far north of any other hominid fossils. They were about at the same latitude as New York. That means they had a Winter where the other hominids in Africa didn't. That of course raises some questions about how they adapted to the cold climate.

Bill Gill

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