Moon, its radio and microwave emission and blackbody model

Moon... a simple piece of matter without atmosphere, without a magnetic field, without a internal structure, without performing relativistic acrobacies, without anything special.... but the same Moon has something which overthrow the entire edifice of modern science: its surface is able to get the properties of a radio station and emmits partially polarised radio and microwaves, after a warming up illumination from Sun. Its behavior is quite similar to those old fashioned triodes and other electronic tubes which needed a warming time before letting the current to pass through. This behavior contradicts quite everything we have accepted in thermodynamics, quantum theory and even electricity...But who cares...!?

A comparison between Moon behavior and blackbody predictions shows that:

The amount of radio and microwave emitted by full Moon should be about four times greater than new Moon; in reality the measurements show a difference of about 10%.
The radio and microwave emission should be completely non-polarized; in measurements a partial polarization is observed.
The mechanism and location of radio and microwave emission is different from infrared emission; the infrared emission is produced by outer layer of lunar material and the ,,radio and microwave” emission is generated by inner layer of lunar materials. Not only the temperature amplitude variation in microwave was different as scale, but the maximum of radio radiation was found about 3.5 days after the maximum of the surface temperature at full moon, measured by infrared techniques.

Proposed interpretation:

Generally speaking, the emission in radio and microwave has nothing to do with blackbody radiation. The illuminated surface of Moon becomes a source of radio waves and microwaves partially polarized after a certain time from the beginning of illumination (a warming up time necessary) and this emission has other causes.

First of all, we have to rule out the actual explanation published in scientific literature. Even in case some microwave and radio wave come from Sun and hit the moon surface, the lunar material cannot become a secondary source of microwave and radio waves. As was already presented in the second postulate of a new theory of thermodynamics, there is no thermal equilibrium between radio and microwave radiation and matter. When radio or microwave radiation is absorbed by matter (surface or subsurface layer), this is converted into thermal motion. Of course a cut off experiment can be proposed and performed in laboratory: absorbed microwave in matter will always generate only a change in temperature depending on the amount of microwave absorbed.

The real cause of Moon emission in radio and microwave is due to the thermal stress generated by Sun illumination. The upper layer of lunar material upon heating by Sun has the possibility to dilate, but the inner layers suffer a constricted dilatation; the reverse effect takes place during lunar night.

This is a new effect which needs a thorough study and this will be made in the near future. The generation of radio waves by materials under stress it is not a completely new phenomenon. In a 2003 study about Earthquakes in Greece, Eftaxias et. al. showed that during strong earthquakes, radio waves in kHz and MHz domain are generated and the intensity of the radio emission of seismic origin increased as the square of the wavelength. As consequence, a simple dependency of emmisivity with square of the wavelength is not a fingerprint for a blackbody radiation and can have other grounds.


As already presented in previous texts, blackbody theoretical model needs a serious revision and no blackbody has a radio or microwave emmision;
Moon emission in radio and microwave is caused by a thermal stress caused by Sun and this effect needs to be studied.
The temperature measurements with microwave or radio wave does not represent a reliable method. The fact that in some cases the measured temperature is close to the real one is only a question of luck or coincidence and not the result of a precise analytical tool; further studies will break this link between a temperature value and a measurement of a radio or microwave flux.
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