Seven different points between two parts of one Physics:
(space, time, mass, energy, motion, reason, simplicity)
Classic Physics <------------------------> Quantum Physics.
1. Gravity- relative–space <------------> Infinite (-2D) : T=0K
2. Gravity- relative–time <--------------> Eternity
3. Gravity mass <---------------------> Molar-constant–mass (R/N=k)
4. Different kinds of energy <------------> Pure energy-mass (E=Mc^2)
5. Relative speed of motion <---------> Constant speed of Light quanta (c=1)
6. External reason of motion <--------> Own, inner cause of motion (h and h*)
7. Complex World <----------------> Simple World
How can be possible from Quantum parameters create Classic Physics.
Best wishes.
Israel Sadovnik Socratus.