In the below video , there is an experiment that attempts
to prove that CO2 is a global warming gas.

It was clever and I actually was stumped for a bit.
while watching the video on my laptop !

I was trying to find out why the bottle of CO2 warmed
faster than the bottle of air.

then it hit me , the laptop itself must be warming the
bottle of CO2.

so , I then had to test my thoughts.

I used a 2 liter plastic coke bottle with the label removed.

I allowed the air inside the bottle to come to room temperature
placed apx 3 feet away and to the side of my laptop.

I measured the temperature of the bottle with a IR temp laser.

it read 83.7 F

I capped the bottle.

I opened notepad on my laptop and maximized the solid white

I placed the bottle 5 inches away from the front of my laptop
and waited 5 minutes.

I measured the temperature again and it read 89.0 F

that's 5.3 F increase in temperature in only 5 minutes.

as far as Im concerned this BBC experiment is now debunked.

what was really amazing to me in the video was that the
bottle that contained only air actually lost 1 degree
of temperature in the 10 minutes.

check out that cooling effect !!

Im not certain what exactly warmed the bottle of CO2
if it was microwave radiation or thermal radiation from
the laptop but its clear to me that the laptop in the
video did the warming not the lamps or else the bottle
of air would have also warmed. !!!!!!!!

in the video a man says this and I thought I would quote
his words here.


I feel as though your never quite sure who you can believe
here theres all sorts of pressures , different pressures from different people and its actually quite difficult to make
a reasoned judgment.

yes , quite.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.