Sorry if this is not the right place....

Blatantly promoting my next ambitious Sci-Fi work to create a new science fiction film project, "Hell World" in the style of "Alien", "Predator" and convert the first script into a limited edition graphic novel for all supporters and enthusiasts.

Some of you will already have enjoyed my previous work a couple of years ago, the free short story I've been distributing to you "Dragon's Vale" inspired by "Lord Of The Rings" and suggesting an alternative look at Tolkien's legendary world and its future. Now it's time to step up a level and produce something on a larger scale.

"Hell World" is going, with your enthusiastic support, to become the first in a film series of action-thrillers. You can read a little about it and see me mugging for the camera on the Kickstarter page or follow up on my web site where you can explore more about the project, learn about the spin-offs to come (Stargate-related) and much more.

Hope you enjoy it enough to join me and share with all your friends.

Please spread the word and help turn this vision into reality.



(PS. This is not a low budget project, but the seed for development of the script, novel and pre-production to raise the support needed to produce a series of major SF films. I'll answer any sensible questions.)

"A kind of magic" - "Dragon's Vale"