I have returned to you, good people of scienceagogo. I posted the preview of my first novel here a while back, now it's time to drop the real thing. I could gush excitedly about my new book all day, but instead I'll hit you with an editor approved cover blurb.

The greatest star of the future’s biggest entertainment medium tells of his rise from humble beginnings.

Gabriel Anthony was a country boy who came to Hollywood in search of fame and fortune. At first, it didn’t quite go his way. Then, one night outside a Beverly Hills club, he’s whisked away by a mysterious billionaire, and offered a job that will change his life. He soon finds himself the star performer of the BroaderVision/Globe Holotheater Company, and virtually overnight, is catapulted to international stardom. Join Gabe, Hannah Girard, Peter Robertson Bruckweiler, and Dr. Yousef Nandrihar. Together they will establish a new industry and navigate it through the worlds of entertainment, politics, religion, and science, discovering in the process that certain kinds of fame are more challenging, complicated, and sometimes dangerous than they’d ever anticipated. This is Travelling Show, the story of the Holotheater, and of an invention that changes the world.

The style reminds me of a young Robert A. Heinlein. It's unusual to see any writer who can craft a narrative with this kind of page turning immediacy.
-Diana Birchall, Story Analyst, Warner Brothers Studios California (beta reader)

This is my first novel and it's very exciting for me. Those who haven't seen a preview can check it out on my new and improved blog page here: http://jamesconanblog.wordpress.com/preview-of-travelling-show/

And of course the book itself is available here: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00FCHF1U0

I hope you all enjoy it!