A group of Hackers that became bored with finding
bugs in Computer Software, took their Laptops, sat
in various American cars, and connected their laptops
to the cars computer system.
They then discovered a horrendous amount of dangerous bugs.
Like able to put on full brakes while travelling at 80 mph,
even worse, were able to disable a vehicles braking system completely, at speed, however hard you pressed on the brake pedal.
The Hackers also found a method where they could turn the steering wheel left or right, using the power steering.

It should be pointed out that this could only be done while the Hackers were IN the car

However the American Goverment has now become interested
because the Group of Hackers have stated that they can
now control a car to destruction by TRANSMITTING certain computer codes to the target cars, by high power radio.

A number of Car Manufactures have refused to comment and state that THEY do not program the car computers.
Nevetheless they are treating the problems as urgent




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