Looks like the tipping point that Samwik is talking about,
is already upon us.
"Carbon Dioxide the chief greenhouse gas that causes global warming has hit a milestone, reaching an amount never before encountered by humans....federal scientists said Friday.
Carbon dioxide was measured at 400 parts per million at the oldest monitoring station which is in Hawaii sets the global benchmark.
The last time the worldwide carbon level was probably that high was about 2 million years ago, said Pieter Tans of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
That was during the Pleistocene Era. "It was much warmer then than it is today," Tans said.
"There were forests in Greenland. Sea level was higher, by between 10 and 20 meters (33 to 66 feet)."



"You will never find a real Human being - Even in a mirror." ....Mike Kremer.