This experiment, though not specifically about antigravity, may reveal a naturally occurring self-organizing mechanism that resides in the vacuum of space. These structures are constantly formed and maintained by celestial objects throughout the universe. Further discovery will allow the control and movement of an object without the application of force. This experiment only reveals its basic existence.

The experiment requires a second mass in addition to the experimenter. I used a 6" (150mm) diameter ~ 9 lb (4Kg) glass ball ("crystal ball"). There is a sequence to the experiment that has to be followed or else I am fairly certain it will fail. It also needs to be performed on solid ground - no basements or crawlspaces below.

It involves this important sequence: ***FIRST*** rotate yourself and the ball held in your right hand somewhat away from your waist, in the CCW direction (as viewed from above) for several revolutions. ***THEN***, while maintaining rotation of yourself, reverse the ball's rotation by passing it hand to hand around your waist in the opposite direction of your own rotation, forming an orbit close to your waist. But do not bring the ball to zero velocity WRT earth. Allow slow CCW orbit of ball WRT earth. If successful, you will feel the ball tug at your waist, and at that instant you will no longer need to balance yourself.

Example: Let's say you and the ball start rotating 45 rpm to the left, or CCW wrt earth. Then you reverse the ball wrt yourself 40rpm. The ball is now 5 rpm CCW wrt earth.

Reference wrt earth is important. I don't have an explanation for its coupling with unknown internal activity of the earth. There is something going on in the outer core in relation to this experiment. It is especially pronounced with visible phenomena when the experiment is done CW wrt earth. This was the experience I had.

More detailed info at link below.