As most of you have heard from the press by now
'The Apocalypse is just a few hours away'
Its all to do with the Mayan Calender coming to an end.
I believe this particular Epoch of the Mayan calender
started some 4000 years ago and finishes is just a few hours.
This Friday the 21st Dec 2012. inst.

This has caused many tens of thousands of people all over the
world , to get ready for the end of the world.
Mexicans, French and Russians seem to be the most affected.
Thousands are holding vigils awaiting the Apocalypse tomorrow

Prehaps you have read a small article I wrote a few years ago,
when I stated that I had seen some flying saucers hovering over
Lake Ontario, Toronto, Canada.
I was with others,so we know what we there was an
article reporting this sighting in the Canadian 'Globe and Mail'
the following day..
It follows that I have an interest in flying saucers .

What I have never mentioned until now, that is back in May 2002. when
I was in France (with Bob, a friend) researching the possible whereabouts
of the tomb of Jesus Christ in the Rennes-le-Chateau area.
Abbe Sauniere ((who found all that money hidden in a church (built?) by
the Templars)) The double sided coded parchments, signed SION,
and othe interesting historical facts.

We both climbed up to a Trig point to survey and see where to go next
At the top we took photos of each other, showing the Bugarat mountain
in the background. Less than 20 minutes later we took what Bob thought
was a photo of (2?) Flying saucers hovering over Bugarat.

Other people have other opinions as to what the two elliptical formations were.
How-ever it was very eerie, and I have decided that this time is as good as any,
probably better to show you these two actual photographs taken.

Incidentally to make it more interesting there are thousands of people gathered
around Bugarat today, which is supposed to be hollow, has a flying saucer within
it, which will fly out of the Earths orbit (back to Et's homeplanet)? tomorrow.
Nice story based upon some tenuous facts.
Oh by the way nearly forgot, Bugarat is actually an extinct Volcanoe.

Oh-- Sorry I do not have a free secure place to post these two pics right now.
Those interested, send me your Email, I will post them to you by return. Or put them your page?

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