Hallo everyone.

Im currently working on writing a trilogy called THE TWINSOULS TRILOGY, with the first book already written and published. The tragic death of my beloved fianc Patrick gave birth to the idea for this trilogy. The core elements of the book are STRING THEORY and NEAR-DEATH-EXPERIENCES which Ive strived to merge as fitting pieces of a giant cosmic puzzle. Im captivated by the discovery of how well these two seemingly very different topics actually combine and fit just beautifully!

Im soon about to start writing the second book of the trilogy and I especially want to elaborate on the concept of String Theory in this part! I could off course just continue to study and research the subject even further for inspiration but Ive decided that Id much rather continue my quest into the thrillingly unknown, in cooperation with other brilliant minds!

I have created a contest on YouTube for this purpose, in my quest of finding 3 co-authors of my next book. As a part of this contest, I will give a free copy of the already published book to 30 people who join my YouTube channels friend listas in order to co-create the Twinsouls 2you would have to read The Twinsouls 1 first.
Im hoping to meet a lot of brilliant bright people in here and Im looking forward to learn from you all and perhaps also find my collaboration partners for my next book.

Best regards,