Dielectric properties and Maxwell equations absurdities

It is accepted by mainstream physics that Maxwell equations describes the entirety of classical electromagnetism.
These equations are some of the greatest triumphs of science. It's difficult to conceive of much more impressive physics.
In attached link another very simple experiment which rule out Maxweel equations is presented.
As usual the Romanian version will be the reference and a quite good English translation is provided.


Soon the French, Italian and Spanish versions will be available.
The experiment is very simple and regards the modification of electric permittivity and magnetic permeability with frequency of electromagnetic waves for water.
A simple consequence of this experiment is presented too. If Maxwell equations are correct, ocean navigation needs another reference and not the old or actual magnetic compass. This is because according to actual Maxwell equations water becomes paramagnetic (in fact having a magnetic permeability greater then magnetite) when is traveled by a light beam. The absurdity of such conclusion does not worth any comments.
The previous message regarding the properties of dielectrics and absurd consequences in orthodox physics is translated in French, Spanish and Italian:



On the other part, it arrives the time for a discussion forum dedicated to these new theories (gravitation, atomic structure, relativity, nature of light, electricity, etc).
On elkadot site there is a link toward this new opened forum:
The members of forum will receive by email the latest news related to new experiments or new interpretation of actual experiments.
From now on, the activity of advertisements with new messages on various forums in internet will play a secondary importance. There were presented enough experiments able to convince even the most skeptical minds. As far the mainstream physics promote and price absurdity it is necessary to leave the time to decide who has right.
Sorin Cosofret