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Pentagon Preps Soldier Telepathy Push.

Forget the battlefield radios, the combat PDAs or even infantry hand signals.
When the soldiers of the future want to communicate, they’ll read each other’s minds.
At least, that’s the hope of researchers at the Pentagon’s mad-science division Darpa.
The agency’s budget for the next fiscal year includes $4 million to start up a program
called Silent Talk.
The goal is to “allow user-to-user communication on the battlefield without the use
of vocalized speech through analysis of neural signals.” That’s on top of the $4
million the Army handed out last year to the University of California to investigate
the potential for computer-mediated telepathy.
Before being vocalized, speech exists as word-specific neural signals in the mind.
Darpa wants to develop technology that would detect these signals of “pre-speech,”
analyze them, and then transmit the statement to an intended interlocutor. Darpa plans
to use EEG to read the brain waves. It’s a technique they’re also testing in a project to
devise mind-reading binoculars that alert soldiers to threats faster the conscious mind
can process them.
The project has three major goals, according to Darpa. First, try to map a person’s
EEG patterns to his or her individual words. Then, see if those patterns are generalizable
— if everyone has similar patterns. Last, “construct a fieldable pre-prototype that would
decode the signal and transmit over a limited range.”
The military has been funding a handful of mind-tapping technology recently, and
already have monkeys capable of telepathic limb control. Telepathy may also have
advantages beyond covert battlefield chatter. Last year, the National Research Council
and the Defense Intelligence Agency released a report suggesting that neuroscience
might also be useful to “make the enemy obey our commands.” The first step, though,
may be getting a grunt to obey his officer’s remotely-transmitted thoughts.
– Katie Drummond and Noah Shachtman

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But modern parapsychologists ( as well as ancients wise men )
know to transfer their thoughts without nanotechnological machines.

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Maybe it is interesting to now about:
Telekinesis at the quantum level .
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Our brain , our brain waves, our thought have great potential power.
But we don’t know to use it and turn it into active power.
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