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#29701 - 03/06/09 11:54 PM Does a fly collision produces a car skid?
sorincosofret Offline

Registered: 03/06/09
Posts: 90
Does a fly collision produces a car skid?

For any common sense mind and for any realistic experiment a collision between a fly and a car does not have any major impact on car movement.
Maybe a car glass dirty can be counted by driver and the necessity to clean it.
Leaving aside the joke, let’s analyze what’s happened in some similar situations when photons collide with atoms or other more complex atomic structure.
When a microwave photon knock an atom in a RMN experiment, a change of electron spin is counted. The photon does not have enough energy to modify the trajectory of photon in atom.
When quite the same microwave photon knocks a molecule (ammonia as example) in a maser, an entire atom (nitrogen), formed by nucleus and electrons, is moved from a spatial position to another symmetrical spatial position. During this process, supplementary, other three bounds N-H are at least perturbed or broken and when nitrogen arrive in final position these bounds are reformed.
A more detailed description of this discussion is here:


This is not a singular case of actual physics.
It is accepted that an Infrared photon can excite an atom, and as result of this excitement an electron pass on a superior orbit or a superior orbital in QM. Of course, the excited system after this event will come back to initial state in a certain way.
The same orthodox theory, when another chapter is read ( IR spectra of molecules), admits that quite the same IR photon can produce ,,miraculous" effects like:
• atoms symmetrical stretching
• atoms antisymmetrical stretching
• atoms scissoring
• atoms rocking
• atoms Wagging
• atoms Twisting
A more detailed description is made at link:


The explanation of the same photon energy interaction with different atomic structures in actual orthodox quantum theory overpasses any absurdity limit.
In proposed theory a consistent and common sense correlated explanation for these phenomena will be formulated.
Sorin Cosofret

#29709 - 03/07/09 06:05 AM Re: Does a fly collision produces a car skid? [Re: sorincosofret]
samwik Offline

Registered: 10/10/06
Posts: 1164
Loc: Colorado
...[oddly, pertinant to the CO2 GW model, and denialist rhetoric]....

These are very good descriptions of what an interaction with photons can cause....
That elkadot site sounds credible, so far. I'll have to check it out; thanks.

What do you mean by "overpasses any absurdity limit?"

Do remember also, that these scientific descriptions are just metaphors-- linguistic attempts to convey observations parametized by a model of reality. They aren't claims about billiard balls, as is your "fly & car" analogy.

...and welcome to SciAG. I--or we--look forward to your formulations.

~ smile
Pyrolysis creates reduced carbon! ...Time for the next step in our evolutionary symbiosis with fire.


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