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#28715 - 12/08/08 05:54 PM Re: THE EGO: Its nature, function and...value? [Re: Revlgking]
Tutor Turtle Offline

Registered: 06/19/08
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Originally Posted By: Revlgking

Its all in the definitions

Simply put re-framing is the art of changing your definitions of events.

That is the nature of belief. Beliefs change within the framework of the ego constantly producing opinion. This framework is based on defining the outer perceptions of the senses.
Originally Posted By: Revlgking

How you define things determines how you react to your world. How you define words defines how you react to language.

Subconsciously one reacts not to the language but the conflict of beliefs that the ego clings to in the perceptions of reality. The attachments to ones personal definitions which are not seen as supported on the outside.
The dreams one entertains, hopes and ideals, create all that is reflected (dreamed) on the surface of ego consciousness which is the outer world. The ego consciousness only sees the personal which is protected in the inner shell of individuality but does not recognize the conflict of duality as it is projected in the dreams of manifest reality.
If something shakes that fragile foundation or shell built around individuality the ego tries to press the ignore button on any thought that would or could invade the personal dream.
In reality there is one consciousness and all dreams of all humans are interconnected. The stress the ego incurs in trying to separate the dreams and keep them separated is what causes physical illness and aging and death.
Originally Posted By: Revlgking

Healthy dialogue: In healthy dialogue information is exchanged, in an unhealthy debate or argument, egocentric nonsense is exchanged.

IN a healthy dialogue God is recognized as speaking to God.
Without the fear of losing ones precious dream of individuality in the experience of Unified consciousness all is experienced as Love or the flow of God absolute.
Love not being the sensory feeling but the unconditional energy that supports everything from the dreams of beginnings and endings, all dreams in between and the true reality of no beginnings and no endings. Life flowing smoothly in the reflection of omniscience, omnipresent and omnipotent.
Originally Posted By: Revlgking

Psychoanalysis' definition of the ego: (defined by ego)

the ego is the division of the psyche that is concious.

EGO MOST IMMEDIATELY controls thought and Behavior and is the most in touch with external reality--what we perceive with the senses.

Yes, those senses which animals also have. Some animals of lower intellect have senses of sight, taste, hearing and smell far superior to the human animal.
What sets the human (Son of Man) apart from the animal is the subtle sense of celestial perception, or exalted consciousness or what is sometimes called a sixth sense or intuition which is ignored when the ego (animal instinct or outward driven senses) drive the senses toward the external reality which is idealized in the personal beliefs and dreams.
Originally Posted By: Revlgking

This means that, if left unchecked, the ego can cause you to lose your cool, to say and do things that are not constructive, or based on reason, (like fighting just to be right even if your aware that your wrong!). In most arguments it's the ego that needs attention, not the subject matter.

In most cases if the ego is given attention it is the subject matter. The subject matter is the reflection of ego. The absolute God is divided thru the lens of personality and belief into a fragment of its original reflection. All subject matter reflected from the ego is a distortion of the True unconditional stream of God consciousness.
Originally Posted By: Revlgking

Dictionary.com's Definition:

* 1. The self, especially as distinct from the world and other selves.
* 2. In psychoanalysis, the division of the psyche that is conscious, most immediately controls thought and behavior, and is most in touch with external reality.
* 3. An exaggerated sense of self-importance; conceit.
* 4. Appropriate pride in oneself; self-esteem.

It is pride in ones self that drives one to protect the individual dream, see it separate from the dream of unity that is in all human hearts and presses the ignore button on life so man can lock the doors, build fences around their hearts, and fear the terrorist attack of dark forces that is the imagination lost in darkness.
Originally Posted By: Revlgking

The goal is enlightenment, not egotistical reprise. If people just leave their ego at the door, retain the definition of their goal, and use a little intelligence, they would experience:

* Less anger and arguments
* Aha Moments
* Friendship not competition
* Love
* Growth
* new keywords/concepts to look up in their favorite subjects
* deeper meaning to things they love and definiton of things they don't understand fully
* enlightenment in its purest form
* Less frustration with people, also known as learning "tolerance"
* The rush you feel when someone validates your opinions
* Receptiveness from others which translates into acknowledgment one of the 10 major things every person strives for in their life
* open mindedness, seeing things they would have missed had they kept their rigid views and not allowed new possibly valuable information in
* more friends and people who respect them highly
* money from writing hub pages because they speak more from understanding than ego driven opinionated rantings

The goal is enlightenment, but without being enlightened none of the ideals can be experienced.
If you haven't reached the ice cream shop you aint eating your ice cream.
You can dream about it but the dream will be imagined along with all the other imaginings of being without.

Any list created from the state of consciousness that is not enlightened is from what one imagines enlightenment to be.
A child imagines what it is like to be an adult but imagining does not make it so, nor does the imagination usually extend itself in one pointed focus to retain any single thought of adulthood throughout the extending years of childhood life.
It's a pretty good indicator of how quickly the imagination shifts from one idea and opinion in belief thru the ego and its reflections of reality to idealize enlightenment from moment to moment while it dances around invading or opposing thoughts dictated by emotional attachments and psychosis.

I was addicted to the Hokey Pokey, but then I turned myself around!!

#28716 - 12/08/08 07:58 PM Re: THE EGO: Its nature, function and...value? [Re: Ellis]
Revlgking Offline

Registered: 01/17/07
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Loc: markham (Thornhill), Ontario, ...
Welcome, Ellis! My ego made me do it.
Who said the ego has no value, eh? laugh

Edited by Revlgking (12/08/08 08:00 PM)

#28718 - 12/09/08 02:06 AM Re: THE EGO: Its nature, function and...value? [Re: Revlgking]
sariah Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 11/23/08
Posts: 9
Imagining is all there is,made in his image, as his image, being the image…

Perhaps if you could relinquish what you think to be true…your imaginings would blossom.

All there is, is image ~ imagining.

What is imagined is determined by belief, what is imagined is never as the mind thinks it to be, but it is always as the heart impulses it to be, unless the heart and mind are in sync, then one is ‘enlightened’, and consciously creates, through imagining.

Trying to slay the ego/dragon cannot be done through judging it, but through understanding the vehicle that it is. If the dragon is understood, then it can be tamed, and one becomes a dragon rider.

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