Grand Unification Theory, or how do we link gravity, electromagnetism and the strong and weak nuclear forces together.

Ergo, link with respect to what.

It must be an objective premise as science is always based upon objective facts.

Objective = you and I agree we can see the same thing with properly operating sensory apparatus. (Why string theory can not be scientifically true, no possible objective observations can confirm the 10, or is it more now?, ever smaller dimensions.)

In short, we must be able to rap the premise with our knuckles.

Next, this 'objective premise' must embody a logical base cause that goes out and links all possible observations made by anyone of us.

Wowsers, now there is a tall order.

Luckily, I backed into it, I was not looking for the premise for a GUT, but it slapped up side the head.

By definition, this premise must be common to all aspects of all possible observations made by anyone from anywhere in the universe. What a great all statement. That should be easy to falsify.

So what is the one thing common to all possible observations made by anyone? How about one of us life forms?

Let me see, a scientific theory and its premise are formulated by a 'scientist' = life form, to explain how universe works back to 'all rational sentient life forms'. Hopefully human beings are included in that definition.

Ergo, the premise resides within us. Is there something we all do with respect to "time" the same way all the time under all sets of circumstances, no matter where we are in the universe.

Answer there is: That was my discovery, 'The Objective Measure of Value Created by Exchange'. You will find it in the articles on this site

In short, the measure of value univerally used by all life forms must be the premise for a GUT, because that is how we stay alive in a very hostile universe, with a very neat fundamental geometry a Moebius Strip. Again go to the link above.

You will also find a neat Sun prediction with a real deadline = we are dead unless we act soon.

Dan Alter