A breakthrough superconducting material fabricated by a Canadian-German team has been made out of a Silicon-Hydrogen compound that may not require cooling.

Professor John Tse of the University of Saskatchewan, thought that by subjecting Hydrogen based compounds to enough pressure, they might turn into Superconductors.
He performed the theoretical work with doctoral candidate Yansun Yao. The experimental confirmation was performed by researcher Mikhail Eremets at the Max Plank Institute in Germany.

They produced a new family of superconductors, based on a Hydrogen compound called "silane," which is the Silicon analog of methane--combining a single Silicon atom with four hydrogen atoms to form a molecular hydride. (Methane is a single carbon atom with four hydrogens).
Researchers have speculated for years that Hydrogen under enough pressure would superconduct at room temperature, but have been unable to achieve the necessary conditions (hydrogen is the most difficult element to compress).
The Canadian and German researchers attributed their success to adding Hydrogen to a compound with Silicon that reduced the amount of compression needed to achieve superconductivity.

Tse's team is currently using the Canadian Light Source synchrotron to characterize the high pressure structures of silane and other hydrides as potential superconducting materials for industrial applications as well as a storage mechanism
for hydrogen fuel cells.
The research was funded by the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada, the Canada Research Chairs program, the Canada Foundation for Innovation and the Max Plank Institute.



The implications of this discovery are enormous.
To be able to conduct electricity along a wire without any resistance, possibly at room temperature, would be a world shattering achievement. It would revolutionise the worlds electronic industry, from mobile phones, refrigeration, and motors, to power distribution.
But remembering Pons and Fleischman's broken utopian dream back in 1989, I just hope this is a genuine and achievable breakthrough.


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