For those of you who have read and enjoyed the fiction of Olaf Stapledon, this mp3 is a must:

"Letters To The Future", by Olaf Stapledon. (38MB, duration 54min)

They are four letters written as though to his Great Grandson. Even if you've never set eyes on Stapledon's writing, I feel sure you'll find them fascinating and thought-provoking, especially since they skitter with considerable agility across so much of the ground covered in the SAGG threads for science, and NQS.

There's a second mp3 relating to Stapledon:

This mp3 (46MB) isn't essential listening, and you can skip the first half, which is comprised of general chatter and the same reading of the first Letter already included in the other mp3 - but the second half gives an outline of some of Stapledon's works, including a pretty good rundown of the majestic Last and First Men.