"You are what you eat" An old Victorian saying, that should be self explanatory.
By eating old contaminated food, one could get a stomach ulcer, hepatitis, or other Bacterial disease problems.
Of course everyone knows that eating fresh food is best, but thats not always so convenient living in todays modern world.
Imported fresh foods end up by being more expensive than Supermarket ready prepared conveniance meals.
Conveniance foods do not contain the same amount of Vitamins as fresh food, so many people buy Vitamin tablets from Health shops, to make up the loss.

This may not always be the best idea. Since it is possible to over medicate on vitamins, as every company seems to add their vitamins into our food these days.
Remember the Danes, noted for their healthy lifestyles?
Well they banned the importation of 'Kelloggs' breakfast cereals back in 2004, for containing too many Vitamins.
Which they said caused problems.


Well the 'worm seems to have turned' to coin a phrase.
I notice that far more Companys are mentioning the benefits of taking the active chemical compounds found in all fresh and raw vegetables today, rather than Vitamins.

By extracting these natural compounds, Companys hope to give a new lease of life, both to themselves, and the public, by concentrating and manufacturing these chemicals in pill or liquid form.
Below is an interesting modern list, of what we should be taking, to cure or help us.



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