I have been reading posts for years about antigravity and other 'not-quite-sciences', but yesterday i started asking myself if, if we succeed, we get what we wish.

It is easy to ignore things outside our atmosphere, when dealing with other sciences, but gravity is everywhere, the earth keeps us on the ground, the sun keeps the earth rotating, solarsystems, and the universe itself, all interact due to gravity.

An absolute antigravity field would be a stationary point in space. With any luck, a succesfull antigravity project would shoot into space, and within a few seconds(or even less), impact into the first planet/star/whatever it crosses. With a bit less luck, it will shoot right into the earth.

So instead of a smooth liftoff, the field will be stationary, and thus relatively move at the speed of the universe. with 100% acceleration.

Universe Destroyer: When you place a practicly indestroyable substance in an antigravity field, making it a stationary point in space, it would rip apart every planet and sun it crosses.

Also, invisibility.. gravity attracts light. what happens with light in an absolute anti gravity zone.

I wonder if time would get affected.