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#54121 - 07/07/15 04:46 AM So... [Re: Marchimedes]
Marchimedes Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/22/07
Posts: 210
this place resizes my images. Shame I'm not sober, I might just be able to figure this out.

I have the day off tomorrow, okay?

Here's what I'm getting after right now...

Long before I got ahold of the universe thing, and, by the way, the title of this thread should now be...

"Why the universe appears to be expanding at an accelerated rate from our perspective."

I figured out how the pyramids could have been built. I worked for a decade moving and installing things like safes, vault doors, safe deposit boxes...

for a company so cheap we didn't even have a fork lift. I got real good at moving heavy, often with only the tools the Ancient Egyptians had at hand. All I've done is take that experience and apply it to building pyramids. Most everything I'm trying to show you now I've done. A friggin lot of times. This is not theory.

Don't worry about any of this right now, I have more beer. We'll get there.

Another test...

What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54123 - 07/07/15 05:51 AM You still should be asking about the Monkeys. [Re: Marchimedes]
Marchimedes Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/22/07
Posts: 210
Unless someone can give me a nice hint about this site resizing stuff I've some work ahead of me busting up my images into smaller images sos that you can read them easily.

And that's fine. I ain't afeared of no stinkin work, after all, I'm a blue collar, all American boy.

I gots to say, I've missed this place. Been two years. I showed up tonight to find this thread page ten and a hundred or so thousand plus views advanced.

Time to get busy and get myself some real views. Pad the lead.



Oh yea, the universe.

I'm still not buying dark energy.

I'm still looking for the speed of gravity.

I'm liking inflation theory more than ever.

I still need the distribution and distances of all the Cepheid variable stars. I am truly thinking in 3d but this data may make or break my thinking.

Little help?


Also, I found this tonight by googling "Scienceagogo Marchimedes."

I can't quite seem to get to it while I'm logged on. It's from a long time ago. It's Revlking asking...

"May I ask: Who is Marchimedes? Who is he? And what was his topic?"

To which KirbyGillis answers...

"Hi Rev.

Pleased to meet you. I’ve read a lot of your posts and you are probably my favorite deist.

“May I ask: Who is Marchimedes?”

Marchimedes is a current member who started a thread entitled “The universes expansion acceleration solved”.

“Who is he?”

Like all of us here, he is text on an HTML page. However, his presentation style is unique, entertaining and initially, a ”punch in the face”. But he is much more than the “Don Rickles” of SAGG. In time, most learn that he is clever, resourceful, genuinely curious and a nice guy.

He presented a unique and controversial idea that gravity is the root cause of the universe’s expansion and acceleration.

When the smoke cleared; that thread became the most viewed of all the science related sections. However, as it turns out; it is fifth overall because there are 4 other threads with more views and they are all on NQS.

It is this thread that has the most views and replies."


Never saw that one. Better late than never...

Why thank you, Mr. Gillis, how kind of you to say.


You have to admit, folks, Mr. Gillis has my number.


Smoke ain't cleared quite yet, baby, it's round #2.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54124 - 07/07/15 05:53 AM One more thing... [Re: Marchimedes]
Marchimedes Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/22/07
Posts: 210
This site will not allow my log on unless I click on one of the moderators name's and then it asks me to log on, I do...

THEN it works.

How odd.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54125 - 07/07/15 07:34 AM Size test... [Re: Marchimedes]
Marchimedes Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/22/07
Posts: 210
If it works then it's not a test. This is basic, real easy like. This is just like me getting a safe up onto a curb with rollers and crow bars as I did a thousand times. This is not magic, this is not voodoo, this is not Elvis calling the shots from the Mother ship.

pic host

To build a pyramid all one needs do is to be able to move and stack blocks. Get that figured and it's just a matter of logistics.

I have the logistics figured. Math is on my side. I can count to 21 in the shower.

Some ladies I've made my acquaintance with would say I can count to 21 and a half.

Move. Stack. Then, do just that a whole friggin bunch of times.

I gots your moving. I gots your stacking. Eh, and a couple other pesky things but then like I said, I'm blue collar.

Lemme ask you sumpin (and I may have said this before at this site, dern sure have said it at other sites)...

You know how Lincoln Logs are notched at the ends sos they fit together and makes it so there is no space between the meat of the logs?

Who was the first to figure that out?

A guy in the woods with an axe with winter coming on or some tweed jacketed, leather elbow patched, bifocaled, Oxford archeologist?

Necessity is the Mother of invention.

So I show up at a job site with a cube that weighs tons. It's got to go from down here to up there. There's no friggin crane, forklift, pallet jacks don't work on dirt.

Know how many times I got that job done?

None of you are more nerd than I am.

I doubt any of you have more calloused hands than I.

I been here cents May 27, 2007. Holy smokes, that's my first born, Sarah Rae's birthday. Not her first one. I been shopping this theory on the net cents 2002. See how I have almost a half a million views here? I have this all over the friggin place. I have an easy full million views on this theory, which I call twiwdi. The way I would do it. Notice I don't claim it was the way it was done.

I've never had anyone tell me this is incorrect. Scratch that. I've never had anyone ever tell me WHY it's incorrect. Saying "nuh-uh" don't count. I can't swing a dead cat without running into someone telling me it's incorrect.

Here's what I fancy is my biggest obstacle. I am not a papered man. I came outta high school and went straight into The Mighty US of A Army. Eh, I'm a patriot, wanted to serve. Served my term and went to work. So I been selling twiwdi nigh on 13 years now, just like I am now. Been told over and over and over again that "well, teacher/Marchimedes, you have to submit this in the proper form to the correct people in such and such a fashion." Screw all that. A good idea is a good idea.

The REAL problem is that I'm not a papered man and I have torn the bull theories away from many a papered man. I have taken away from men that have never moved weight their golden egg laying goose.

Just about every single stinkin documentary I've seen on pyramid construction begins with...

"Knowing what we know about the ancient Egyptians and what they had to work with there is no way they could have built the pyramids."

After I come to from passing out cause of the vehemence of my screaming obscenities at the TV I come type some more.

I'm doing this from grass roots.

The ancient Egyptians had rollers, they had levers, they had cribs, they had fulcrums.

That's all I friggin need. And I'm gonna show you how. And, it's free.

Any one got a problem with my getting a block up a 6" step yet?

Didn't think so.

Very simple, now that I've shown you, ain't it?

This is gonna be long. It's gonna be involved. It's gonna be simple. I've a dozen or so original ideas that after I've shown you you gonna go, "eh, that makes cents."

Then I'm gonna raise an obelisk.

Then we'll get back to the universe.

It's my thread, makes no mater what the title is, this thread is about me and what I think.


And then there's human nature.

The more I aggravate ya'll the more you will read me.

I now, it's been a couple of years cents I ben here. Please to allow me to reestablish the animosity.

I find it makes ya'll think more harderer in the attempt to find a flaw with my thinking.

Good luck with that.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54148 - 07/09/15 10:45 PM And so it goes... [Re: Marchimedes]
Marchimedes Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/22/07
Posts: 210
Lettuce get right to it:

Man, this is aggravating, busting these drawings up. But I endure this pain for ya'll. It's just the kinda guy I am.

So ya'll gots my first original idea, the step theory, this is the next and plenty more fresh stuff to come. Way I understand it the quarry from which most the pyramid blocks were gotten is only some 500 yards away. I read that. Could be wrong but I've seen TV shows where that looks about correct. Not a big deal. While we at it, a prevalent theory is that the Egyptians used a big ramp to get blocks up on the pyramid. Not fond of that, first of all the ramp would contain more material than the pyramid. Second is that the ramp would extend father than the quarry where the blocks were obtained, this would mean the blocks journey would go away from the pyramid just to get to the beginning of the ramp. Third is most theories say that the blocks were dragged to the pyramid. Like I said, I moved safes for a decade. I would never drag a safe over a smooth concrete floor, let alone over sand and/or a rough surface. So I'm building a road from the quarry to the pyramid made of the blocks from the quarry. Like the drawing shows the first block outta the quarry is the first block in the road. The road is built first. The step method gets the blocks outta the quarry and up onto the rad. The step method will also be used to get the blocks up the pyramid. That is coming in detail, trust me. Really, I'm a trust worthy guy. You could give me $20 to hold, come back a week later and I'll have your $20. Probably not a good idea to do the same with a six pack of beer. Or your sister. Anyway, this leads us to my third great, original idea...

One of the reasons we know so little about how the pyramids were built is cause there's no evidence left. twiwdi makes massive use of this lack of evidence. Say there's a thousand blocks in my road there. Pyramid is almost finished, only a thousand blocks to go. First block in the road is the next block to go up onto the pyramid. Lather, rinse, repeat. Last block in the road is the last block in the pyramid. No road, no evidence of road. Se how that works?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54149 - 07/10/15 12:22 AM Gonna be like this [Re: Marchimedes]
Marchimedes Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/22/07
Posts: 210

So we have our road, and then easy enough to set the first level of the pyramid. The meat. Now comes getting them there blocks up there.

This is original idea #IV.

The switch back ramp. Told ya'll a few reasons why I ain't too fond of the big ramp theory. Another theory is the spiral ramp theory.

I gots that image from here...


That should satisfy the whole copy right/"I ain't stealing nuttin" deal.

I'll get into all the reasons I hate the spiral ramp theory but I'll do that in the day I dog

and Jean-Pierre Houdin.

That's gonna be an ugly day. But that day ain't today. Today we are talkin bout stuff that actually works.

Also, please to forgive me all the skipping around and going hither and yon. I'm a bit of a flake and am easily distracted. I distract myself more than anything and as I have to deal with myself pretty much on a 24/7/365 basis this is to be expected.

Beer, your sister... oh yea, pyramids.

The gray blocks are not part of the final pyramid. They are for construction purposes, as are the brown steps. When the pyramid is finished these shall be removed from top to bottom in the exact opposite order as they were originally placed. Remember the "no evidence" part?

I did the math one day and I can construct the pyramid (not counting the big blocks in the King's chamber and such) with 2020 construction blocks. Now, that leaves very little room to work, it's not near as safe but that was a flight of fancy. Consider that there is said to be some 2.3 million blocks in the pyramid and then 2020 is spit in the ocean. I haven't yet done the math as to how many blocks would be in my construction ramp but even if it is ten times as much it's still spit.

See? I got distracted, again.

This construction ramp is just like the switch back road with hairpin turns that goes up the side of a mountain except instead of digging into the mountain you add on to it from bottom up.

The setting of casing stones is gonna be a day or two in itself. The quarrying of stones another day. Finding level for the foundation, leveling the foundation, finding level in itself, finding north/south and east/west, moving blocks, making blocks turn corners, quarrying and moving of the big blocks, barges, The Mighty Nile, my lane theory, the worst job at the job site, who did the work, when, stuff I forget at this moment, it's all coming and it's all just as simple as it's been so far.

Any questions about was has been are encouraged. Questions about what is to come shall be summarily ignored. Not sure why I always say that, I hardly ever get questions.

And then the bragging. Full court press, provided the blocks don't let up being delivered I can build this is two years. I don't think it was done like that but that math was another flight.

I started coming up with this in 2002. Lots been posted all over the net. Most all is little red/black squares now what with what I explained. So, I'm kinda bored with this all. The draw for me is figuring the mystery in the first place and maybe posting it the first time.

Bonus. When the pyramid is built we gonna raise an obelisk. It's so simple.

Again, folks, I'm just a blue collar Joe with buku experience moving heavy with simple tools that took all that and applied it to pyramid construction.

Doesn't mean that I'm not a genius, though. I am.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54155 - 07/11/15 11:45 PM Monkeys... [Re: Marchimedes]
Marchimedes Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/22/07
Posts: 210

(The "t" stands for teacher. See post #1 of this thread.)

Cause this post is about finding level.

All I've ever seen/read about the Egyptians finding level is this...

That just don't cut it. Fine for rough level but I've read that the Great pyramid is only 1" outta level from corner to corner. I struggled with this one for some time back in the day. Know what a water level is? It's a clear tube you put water in, usually dyed. They were all the rage before bubble levels, which was before laser levels. Look like this...

You can run that hose over hill and dale and the water in the two ends will be even. As long as the ends are aligned east/west. I say if they were north/south the southern end would be a tad higher cause of the centrifugal force of the Earth's spin. But not different enough to be able to measure the difference. That's right, I think WAY too much about al this. Anyway I was trying to make a tube outta what the Egyptians had and was failing miserably. I'm trying to glue reeds together but I think the Egyptians were fairly short on flexible glue. Then one day, outta the blue it hit me. Intestines. No, they ain't gonna last forever but men will eat so you are always slaughtering animals so there is always a fresh supply of intestines to make a water level outta.

Think about it.

That's all. Simple, eh? I do believe that is original idea #Fin.

Now for #Sex.

I do so love me a back up plan. The intestines as a water level works just fine, but there is no evidence of this. And why would there be. See? But I gots to thinking anyway. Take that triangle level I posted there and make it more biggerer. The biggerer it is the more accurate it will be. Probably a thing like that would be constructed of wood. Wood can change with humidity, not a big problem in the desert but these folks did good work so I would imagine they would check the accuracy of their levels, often. This could be done with a water level.


Just flip the triangle end to end and if the plumb bob hits the same mark, we good.

Seeing a pattern of simplicity here?


What can I say? I believe everything in life can be made more betterer if there are Monkeys involved. Like this thread now. Cept for maybe movies like King Kong. Cause, you know.

So there is a crew on my job site here who do nuttin but keep up with intestines and levels. Lots of crews on my job site, we'll be getting into that. Too.

Anyone figure out what the worst job on this site is yet?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54156 - 07/12/15 12:50 AM Monkeys: The sequel. [Re: Marchimedes]
Marchimedes Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/22/07
Posts: 210

See? Monkey. Who can resist that? That will put butts in seats right there. I love this option this site has that you can put in a subject for each post. And it shows up on the big page.

Some times it's about showmanship/sales. After all, if no one reads your thread then pretty much all you doing is practicing typing.

I'm reminded of a site long ago...

It was an alarm forum. A whole forum of folks like me talking about alarms and other low voltage stuff. Burg alarms, fire alarms, access control, CCTV... I was installing alarms in banks in the late 80's, I have game when it comes to these things. I noticed that most of the site was full of guys who couldn't be bothered with reading the installation/programming manual and it was nuttin but "how do I set zone 3 to fast response on this and that panel?" and such. The answer to every question was "read the manual." Pestered me to no end. So I started a thread, titled it "free beer and naked pictures." Got 50 views in 15 minutes. Of course for my OP I went on and on and on about how if folks would just read the manual they would be more betterer and knowledgeable alarm installers/servicers. Even threw in a few of my original tricks to make it more harderer for bad guys to defeat a system.

I was summarily banned.

Why all the inane chatter?


#1. I had to reintroduce Monkeys to the thread. Used to have lots and lots of Monkeys but ya'll don't see that now what with all the little black x's. They are all gone images. So sad. So many jokes. So much/many scientific theory/Monkeys.

#The Deuce. I'm killing time till the sun goes down. I was on the deck today pounding down nails that were sticking up and all of a sudden I was surrounded by bees. Man, I can move fast. Under the deck is a yellow jacket nest the size of a football. I should point out that one of the joys in my life is killing wasp and hornets when they venture onto my turf. I don't kill honeybees. I've a fresh can of wasp/hornet killer and a plan. I ALWAYS have a plan.

#Craps. Did ya go check post #1? "t" stands for teacher. I do well at getting read...

That's a political debate site.

Thing is if I find sumpin that seems to work I'll teach it. I ain't greedy with such things. If this/that/or the other sites does more betterer then stands to reason I'll do more betterer along with ya'll.

No, no one ever listens to my advice.

Yes, it is self serving.


The sun is kissing the horizon here in Union County, Ga. It's almost bee killing time.

I'm very excited.

And yes, I got into the beer.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54158 - 07/12/15 03:41 AM Bee update: [Re: Marchimedes]
Marchimedes Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/22/07
Posts: 210
They dead.


Back to the switch backs...

Yes, I can draw that buku more betterer now. Still gets the job done.

So, what I call external scaffolding, there's really no end to how wide/deep these (lanes) can be made. Given that the things that slows this job site down the most are block production/available (experienced) workers I can make the scaffold more biggerer than the pyramid itself but that will still not speed things up. This pyramid has to be done in Khufu's reign. I've read all kinds of estimates on long it took to be built, but I ain't seeing evidence. Not even logical deduction.

Now would be a good time for me to spend some time on things other than moving and stacking blocks. I gots that part.

My screen name: Marchimedes. I may have wroted this before in this thread, if so, please to forgive me.

"Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world." - Archimedes.

My first name is Mark. Get it? Archimedes was correct about the lever, I know this well with my time moving heavy. I'll be posting some very boring examples of this. But then I have to. In my wanderings about the net, what I like to call, when I take this train wreck that keeps making all the stops on the road, "teacher's pyramid crusade and travelling menagerie" (you gots Monkeys so far, more animals are coming) ah screw it, how about another animal right now... ?

...that's correct, that's a Walrus and me on a barca-lounger. I'll get to the explanation of that one day...

I've had folks tell me that a lever won't do what I say a lever can do. It's not like I can get these idiots to go find sumpin that weighs tons with a crowbar in hand to follow my explicit directions so I needs splain these things, Lucy. I'll be doing that, in mind-numbing detail. So bear with me, I have to cover all bases, I've found that if I leave one stinkin thing out I get hammered. I even spelt "pyramid" wrong once and that was evidence that I can't build one. I've mentioned that I have issues. Gettin it correct the first time is one of them. Then there's me gettin distracted, by me.

However, I think I got this one, lanes and all, you know?

I'm quite sure I'm not a 1/4 way through this. Now I have to figure what should be next. Maybe more on level and leveling the pyramid foundation.

Then orientation.

No promises though.


Gettin a tad lonely in here. Could someone stop by and say hello?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54167 - 07/14/15 01:11 AM Sunrise, sunset... [Re: Marchimedes]
Marchimedes Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/22/07
Posts: 210
I did say no promises. This next is not my original idea, it's boy scout stuff, but I did add on to it and I'm just gonna go ahead and call original idea #7 after the drawings and splain that, Lucy.

Finding near perfect east/west...

Ah, look, it's legible, no busting up images for this post. Easy peasy. And that's why I'm doing this next, hardly any work.

I don't wanna hear it, okay? I know the drawings are not exactly what one would call high quality. As better are the switch back drawings in the "Gonna be like this" post than are those drawings right there is the same as any drawing I would do now are better than the switch back drawings. And now with the distraction...

Not saying that you folks are like this, but I've gotten some serious guff in the past about my so-called "third grade" drawings. Like that means they don't convey the intent and means I can't build one of these pyramids. But I'm very tender and sensitive like that. My feeling are easily hurt. I'm sure you can tell that about me by now. So next I'm gonna post a drawing made I happen to have handy in my Windows picture library. I was reading "The Davinci Code" and for some reason felt compelled to copy Leonardo right then. I've done this with some few masters in the past and, as an artist, I can really get in touch with them by copying their style. See? Told you I was sensitive. For a Republican. Anyway, the original was about 2" x 6" on cheap copy paper with one of these pencils...

Yes, I know all about quality drawing paper and H-B drawing pencils. Didn't happen that day. Ya'll know what this is...

Nope, won't go. So ten is the limit of images/post? Good to know. Next question is do ya'll have flood control?

To be continued next post...
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54168 - 07/14/15 01:53 AM Its' so lonely for me here... [Re: Marchimedes]
Marchimedes Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/22/07
Posts: 210
but I'm used to that. And it does tend to keep things on track.


I can draw just fine, thank you. I can do paragraph after paragraph on the different Master's styles. And then I have my own.

Man, that was a long ways to go to keep folks from making fun of my simple drawings. So be it. Like I said, I've done this at some few sites and people are just friggin horrible. Or... just go back a page or few and find where Orac tried me in this thread. That was just ugly.

And what with the distractions...

I noticed in that Orac deal that the moderator yelled at me first when there I was, minding my own bidness going on and on and on about the universe and comes Orac saying sumpin stupid so he had to be punished. I got yelled at in my own thread for whatever, I ain't gonna go look, it was probably for beating people up that deserve it. That and I called him an Obama voter.


There we go, just alienated half of you.


So, original idea #7. Finding east/west is not the original idea. Sighting the sun with my sighting block when it the same number of degrees before/past high noon is. More accurate east/west.

As always, if you find someone that came up with the stuff I say is mine before I did lemme know. I'll either give credit where credit is due or claim that I happened to have the same good idea separately.

Didn't that happen with radio?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54171 - 07/14/15 06:03 AM Please to not ban me... [Re: Marchimedes]
Marchimedes Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 05/22/07
Posts: 210
I've read in the rules that we have to stay on topic. Well, my topic is, or should be, "why the universe appears to expanding at an accelerated rate from our perspective."

And now I'm going on and on and on about pyramid construction theory.

Not banned yet.

Lemme push it some, but then I have done so long ago, I been all speed of light, speed of gravity, buku other stuff. Matter of fact, I've done twiwdi here before it all went little black x's. So, really...

But still, I want to push it. I see ya'll have a little climate change deal/forum going on here. This doesn't have to be political.

Said just there a post or two ago that I'm a Republican, actually, I'm more of a Libertarian. Simply put that means on social issues I'm liberal, on fiscal and national security matters conservative.

There, I've now alienated the other half.

Now everybody but the Neil Boortz type Libertarians can hate me. So more expensive therapy.

Trust me, ya'll don't want me in your climate change forum. I'll run amok, get huge views and next thing you know folks will be calling for my banning.

Please to let me be, right here, in my little cloistered enclave with my crazy azz saying my crazy things.

I went a long ways to set this next up there.

I'm gonna give you some links, said links are to a thread of mine at a political debate forum. I do the same thing there that I do here, that is, I have one, single, individual personality driven thread. I'm not much for going hither and yon keeping up with the things I've posted at multiple web sites/threads. I have a life outside of the net. I have endeavored to maximize my impact for the posts I have wroted. Look no further than here for evidence of that. I now have me some 460k views for what this makes my 151st post here. That is far and away my best posts/views ratio. Like I've oft said, I love you nerds. Matter of fact, I consider myself, at the least, a Prince of Nerds. I'm low balling myself, but, before I go on, it's time to test if YouTube's work here. I'm very fond of YouTube's....


Bah, it don't show like I'm used to. What am I doing wrong? But you can click on it and get there.

So, YouTubes kinda work here now, some. Hmm. Gonna have to be very careful with that.

So click on that and now I'll just friggin say not so much Prince, I'm going with King.

I know. But there ya go.

Now. there's couple of reasons I'm going through all this:

1. I speak highly of this site at that other site. Matter of fact, I link to this site at that site. This is a big deal. At that site no one is allowed to link to other forums. It is a rule. I didn't make that rule. One day, long ago, I PM'ed the owner of that site and officially requested that I be allowed, just me, to be able to link to other forums. I promised the site owner that if I linked to other sites that at those other sites I would also link to his site. Now we get to hubris. Look at this thread, look at my views, fact of the matter is that I'm drawing readers. It was the same there when I made my request. This is good for bidness, I am good for bidness, plain and simple. The more hits a site gets, the more they can charge for advertisement. Yes, I am taking advantage of this fact. I do many things, I have many tactics/methods, put them all together I simply call it... "The Formula." I stick to the formula, at times I advance the formula, I keep an eye on the views, I try things and act accordingly. This may seem like I'm obsessed, I look at it like I'm optimizing my time spent typing my foolish things on the net.

I say numbers don't lie.

I have almost exactly the same amount of views at the political site but there I am a tad over 15k posts. Maybe some 10k posts in my thread. I do get around and I am moderator there, have been cents day 41, actually, I'm The friggin Warden, with all the powers of admin. I moderate liberals vs. conservatives at a site where we can call each other any name you can think of.

Think you mods have it tuff here? Pfft.

My two beloved sites, man.

The Deuce. I do speak well of this site at this site and I want to prove it. That means a link. I wanted to explain the link and warn ya'll. I ain't done warning ya'll.

Craps. All this would be unnecessary if I didn't have some few question about water and ice. But, all this would rear it's ugly head sooner or later and every now and then I do not procrastinate.

Now, fine ladies, gentlemen and Orac, head my warning. These links shall take you to my thread at a political debate forum. Ya'll think I'm bad here? You ain't seen nuttin if you stray away from the links coming. If you are a democrat, a socialist, a liberal, a commie, a bedwetter, a Marxist, a statist, really, really, do not stray from the linked posts. Matter of fact, I've an old image that I give to other threads at the political site if I'm linking to my thread there. Looks like this...

My thread there is that horrible. If ya'll attempt to bring politics to this thread here I shall not engage. If you try really hard and rub me the wrong way I shall copy your thread here and paste it there and get busy. You do not want that.

And now, water and ice in the horse thread...




See? I spoke nice of us nerds.

Again, this is the question I ask of ya'll for an answer, to...

the Earth's ocean surface covers 141,600,000 square miles.

How do we easily convert .2016 million cubic miles into depth over 141,600,000 square miles?

Long ways to go for that.

And while I'm busting rules in anticipation of my banning here's my hydrogen gas idea...

Lots of bad language in here, again...


Ya'll smart, smart like me. Please to tell me if I err.

I wants be checked by those in the know.

There's gonna be lots more of this before pyramids is over.

If I can't do this here where can I do it? A political site? Look askance of the language and concentrate on the science.

We gettin back to human nature here, folks.

If one of my ideas was curing you of cancer would you still care about the way I told you I was gonna cure you? You know, dropping f-bombs and saying why I think this or that person sucks?

That's correct, a facet of this is about political correctness.

I am not PC. Would you rather not know that there is in fact a way to build a pyramid simply or not hear a good explanation to why the universe appears to be expanding at an accelerating rate from our perspective just because I'm a jerk?

I said I was gonna push it.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54179 - 07/15/15 01:26 PM Pluto! [Re: Marchimedes]
Marchimedes Offline
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What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54193 - 07/19/15 03:53 AM How to make toast... [Re: Marchimedes]
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How to make and enjoy toast. Assuming one has a standard toaster.

Choose your bread wisely, put in toaster, select amount of toastyness, push the lever. Wait. When it pops, remove bread that is now toasty, and for the Love of God, use real butter and spread lots of it. Eat, savor.

There's 500 views. I'm sorry, but I did say in the subject "How to make toast."

Next time if you read "how to make chicken soup", move along.

Next one gonna be good. No idea what it will be, but it shall be fine.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54194 - 07/19/15 04:22 AM Simple, and then not so... [Re: Marchimedes]
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I do desire some few to think so...

What's that for? And yes, hasn't been a hint yet.

That was the not so, now for the simple...

Block is black, rollers are red.

Makes a block turn to the right.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54560 - 10/22/15 04:21 AM All Hail Marchimedes! [Re: Marchimedes]
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I been looking for this number for over a decade.

Half a million, baby. It's my first half a million. Gots another thread right on it's heel fixing to do the same.

I ain't been here for a while but I'm busy at my politics site. It goes well. Posted this the other day...


"What is the mass of a photon?

I was watching a YouTube late at night the other night about science. They were going on and on and on about how the edge of the Milky Ways star's speed is the same as inner stars. I'll take them at thier word. They who are called they tell us that the farther away a mass is from a system's center mass is the slower the speed of said mass should be. For instance, Mercury speeds around the sun more fasterer than does Neptune.

This rant is about dark matter, which, if you are up to speed in "...and the horse you rode in on" and "The universes expansion accelleration solved", threads by I, you would know I have some problems with the theory that is dark matter. The scientific community gives us estimates of how much matter there is in any given system. The scientific community then uses these estimates to calculate the gravitational pull of all of said matter, then says there ain't enough matter to account for the behavior of stars and such. So, a while back, after all of the scientific communities calculations of matter and it's gravitation effects on other matter they came out and said they were wrong about how many stars there are out there. They now say there are about three(3) times as many as they originally said there were. That's a bit of a difference when it comes to calculating how much mass there is in, for this rant, the Milky Way.

Before they even came out with this correction I posed a question. I've read that there is, on average, one atom/cubic cm is the viod of space. Cents I mentioned this I've seen all kinds of estimate. One atom/cubic meter, or whatever. Whatever it is, they who are clled they are telling me there are buku atoms in the void of space. My question back then was did thier calulations of the ammount of matter within any given system account for the ammount of atoms in the void of space. I've never gotten an answer nor have I seen this observation begun to be addressed. Eh, such is my world. But then I've covered all that.

What is new is that in my late night viewing it just friggin hit me that there are all these photons flying around in space. We see the light of all these distant starts, they who are called they tell me that that is photons I'm seeing. That's buku photons, folks.

Does these photons weigh anything?

If they do, even if they weigh down into the realm of close to nuttin, they still weigh sumpin.

I dig some lite digging into this querry. At first glance, I'm seeing a lot of photons weigh nuttin.

I have two(2) problems with this.

Welcome to the horse thread.

1. Gravitaional lensing. Shame ya'll ain't up to speed, I've spent time on this in the two(2) threads. Gravitational lensing, by my reading first got proved by Einstein when during an eclipse showed stars behind our star gettin photographed. Light from these stars got bent around the gravity of our sun. Cents then we've shown, lookin at distant galaxies, the light of galaxies behind them. If the gravity of our sun or other galaxies can warp/bend the trajectory of photons does that not mean that photons have mass?

The Deuce. So they that are called they say there is a black hole in the center of every single stinking galaxy. The density of said blacks holes is so great that not even light can escape thier gravity. Light is photons and photons have no mass so how can a gravitational beast even as great as a black hole have any effect on a massless particle/wave such as photons? No matter where you go in, say, our Milky Way, there you are. You see light/photons from all the stars that are old enough to have put out photons long ago enough to make it to your point of view. That's buku photons.

What if they weigh sumpin?

What if there are these buku dispersed atoms throughout our Milky Way/ They too, weigh sumpin.

All I'm asking is has the so-called scientific community accounted for all this mass in their consideration of the theory called dark matter?"


I cleaned it up some. I hope I didn't miss anything. My bad if I missed sumpin.

What I am now enjoying is that I penned that post, decided it was worth of this place, came to this place and saw I blasted through the half million view mark.

Marchimedes is well pleased.

So, I have to post this post, get this post up on top where it is easily viewed for my screen capture sos that I can thke that screen shot back to my political site and rub it in.

A nice "what does a photon weigh"? rant, half a million, baby, and a fine excuse to be the usual jerk that is me.

It's a banner day for ol' teach.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#54561 - 10/22/15 05:06 AM Thank you, [Re: Marchimedes]
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for your attention, consideration, putting up with my flake azz.

There will be more.

Pyramids, obelisks, the moving and stacking of buku heavy stuff is so terestrial. I've a handle on it all, drawing it up is just so much work.

How do I get paid for this?

How long have I been giving it up for free?

It's boring to me, now.

Still thinking, there is no doubt that I see space as infinate, the dispersial of matter within it, not so much.

So I don't spell so well. Nuttin new there.

Ya'll got the links and stuff, you with me?, the sphere, the visible universe has to be like the skin of an expanding ball, we only get to see a tiny part of it, what is the speed of gravity?

Is the speed of gravity c or now?

Then apply those two speeds to our sphere.

Throw inflation theory in there.

At some point there should be greater than c speeds.

That's a bunch of variables there, eh?

Put em' all in your mind, mix em' up and tell me why the need for dark energy or dark matter?

Welcome to my world.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#55208 - 01/15/16 04:15 AM 2nd page? I don't think so. [Re: Marchimedes]
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Originally Posted By: Marchimedes
This site will not allow my log on unless I click on one of the moderators name's and then it asks me to log on, I do...

THEN it works.

How odd.

It's still doing that. If I try a normal log on, it takes me but as soon as I change pages or sumpin I'm logged back out. I have to click on a moderator, attempt to contact them and then it asks for a log in, do that and it sticks.

What is up with that?

Any way, when I check this place as a guest this thread is on the second page. That just won't do what with my obsession for attention and all.


The status. I was back here in July and then October and laid some down. Racked up about 40k views so thank ya'll very much. Still haven't drawn nuttin new, drawing again that which I've drawn before is so dreadfully boring, but I have to get off this second page fortunately I have some old as dirt obelisk drawings.

I guess there's enough pyramid building drawings here for ya'll to understand the moving and stacking of blocks basics so with that. Eh? What's all this then? Out of character for me I went and went over what I've posted the last go round. never went on and and on about the leveling sytem begun in post #54155. What is up with the numbering system here? Ya'll deleting stuff? Anyway, animal intestines for a water level. I have a drawing...

We all get that?

And now I have to draw sumpin, cents I'm here. Obelisks shall wait. Shame, I've some 40 or so obelisk drawing and I can stretch that out long time and acrue buku views in the process.

Anyway, near perfect leveling system 4000 years ago with a water level made from animal intestines. I guess human intestines would work too but I don't much go in for the Egyptians using throw away slaves to build this thing.

Now, the base of the pyramid must also be leveled before block #1 is placed. I've seen all kinds of theries on how to go about this, I'm not fond of any of them that I've seen. I think I have an original idea tally around here somehwere, lemme go see where I'm at...

I guess this would be original idea #ate.

Any questions? Really, check me on this. Of everything I've read about pyramid construction, and I've read a friggin lot, I've never seen this. Deceptivly simple, I say. I guess it takes a blue collar stupid genius like me to go "der, that works." I used to think I used to think I was incorrect or missed sumpin. I've long cents gotten over that. I guess too many highfalutin PHds thinking too much.

Could it be this simple?

Occam's razor.


Why all the silence with the "What is the mass of a photon?" I'm stupid, ain't I? I'm stupid and you are giving me more rope with which to hang myself with. You people are evil.

I had another thing about that, the mass of a photon, what was it?

Beer assistant, come hither!

Ah, the thinking juice gets the job done again.

If solar sails work would it not be the mass of the photons that make them do so?
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?

#55212 - 01/16/16 04:12 PM Re: 2nd page? I don't think so. [Re: Marchimedes]
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thought you might be interested in this.

solid blocks of rock , pitch (like tar) , a water well
at the bottom , a fire chamber / chambers.

you light a fire , the oxygen becomes consumed and
you get a vacuum , the vacuum draws water from the
water well and pulls water up into the passageways
of the pyramid and then steam pressure as the fire
is extinguished by the rising water from the well.

seriously have a look.

blocks of rock or aggregate and supplies could be lifted
to higher elevations inside the pyramid as it gets
higher on a small barge , check valves would be needed
and wood swells against solid rock forming a nice
pressure seal really well.

3/4 inch of dust build up on the moon in 4.527 billion years,LOL and QM is fantasy science.

#55213 - 01/17/16 02:51 AM Re: 2nd page? I don't think so. [Re: paul]
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Nah! If you did that it would leave the inside all wet. That would cause the grain stored in it to spoil.

Bill Gill
C is not the speed of light in a vacuum.
C is the universal speed limit.

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