G'day all,

What happens to a really really big environmental problem supported by well over 80% of the population that is shown to have been not just wrong but very very wrong? I think that some serious thought should be made considering this because excuses will only last so long and the backlash is likely to make the Y2K bug backlash look like a children's party.

With the arrival in La Nina, East Asia's drought conditions will improve. There may even be flooding. Monsoons are going to be much stronger. My typhoons and hurricanes in the western Pacific perhaps. Much cooler summers over much of Australia is likely.

On the plus side for those that avidly support global warming, tornadoes are going to plague the mid west and southern US states. That ought to get a number of disaster stories liking global warming to wild weather rehashed a few times. It is also likely to cause droughts in the Western US and South America, finish catches will be lower and sever winters may eventually turn up

Couple all this with the magnetic influence collapse that is apparently evidenced by the lack of solar flares and you end up with some North Hemisphere average years or cold years. You also end up with more ice on Greenland and in the Arctic especially at sea.

These are known phenomenon that are currently happening. At first, of course, nothing is going to be attributed to the fact that perhaps global warming from CO2 is about as valid a science as snake oil is for cancer treatment. Far from it, a number of stories will continue to play into the global warming push.

But what happens in three years or even five years, when the weather still hasn't returned to hot periods aside from the odd anomaly?

It can't possible be the reduction in greenhouse gases because that has a snowball's chance in hell of having any effect for the next say 50 years. So just how trusted with scientists in general become and more specifically climate scientists. What is the likelihood of getting a major population in say San Francisco from moving because a very big one is imminent due to the improvements in earthquake forecasting efforts? Or of people trusting the use of GM foods, etc, etc.

Since the next few years do not seem to be shaping up to be particularly supportive of global warming, just how big a social impact do you think this is going to have overall?

Food for thought only. Since I don't have a crystal ball I cannot say for sure what is going to happen.



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