LInking here some sci-fi and some personal values and beliefs....

Gene Roddenberry was inspired by Arthur C. Clarke?s Profiles of the Future to write a script for a science fiction television show. Desilu Productions backed his idea and Roddenberry took it to NBC. By September 1964 the script for a pilot was approved. Star Trek was underway. In the following poem, a vahid, the origins of this famous television and film science fiction series is linked with the origins of another institutional development that has helped to popularize and extend the influence of a charismatic Force centred around the person and the teachings of the manifestation of God, Baha?u?llah. -Ron Price with thanks to J.M. Dillard, Star Trek: A History in Pictures, Pocket Books, NY, 1994, p.7

As the House of Justice
was defining the real secret
of universal participation
in our love for each other
and telling us, yet again,
of the real basis of triumph
in our inner life and private
character,1 Star Trek was
first launched by NBC:2
Where no man had gone before!

Indeed, no man had
in what was now
a fully institutionalized
charismatic Force
that would one day
take the world by storm
and lead it with world shaking,
world reverberating energies,
out of its slough of despond.

1 The Universal House of Justice, ?Letter, 1964,? Wellspring of Guidance, pp. 37-9
2 In September 1964: J.M. Dillard, op.cit., p.7.

Ron Price
7 November 2000