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#14225 - 04/03/06 01:05 AM Re: information
DA Morgan Offline

Registered: 10/17/04
Posts: 4136
Loc: Seattle, WA
jjw wrote:
"All of which you speak are of man?s creation."

No ... not at all. Man did not create the universe: Neither did the god of Abraham/Ibrahim. Man did not create the galaxy: Neither did the god of Moses. Man did not create himself. Neither did Isis.

jjw wrote:
"Also I am a little bored with the mystery you see in men?s nipples. Almost all male animals that I know of have nipples, ask Darwin?"

Me too. But as long as people want to believe in the Easter Bunny an intelligent design they need to explain why the designer gave males nipples.

jjw wrote:
"no theologian or believer, contends there was a virgin birth."

Go to www.google.com

Put in the search criterion: ""Virgin birth" and "Jesus Christ", click on the "Google Search" button with your mouse. Then repeat after me "no theologian or believer, contends there was a virgin birth."

What were you thinking when you wrote that sentence?

jjw wrote:
"How about the ?resurrection? which you must mean of Christ as some claim occurred following his crucifiction? Do you expect me to offer proof?"

No. But I like to see you acknowledge that there is none.

jjw wrote:
"I need not defend this issue because it is not relevant to your denial of god"

You are correct. But it is relevant to whether Jesus Christ was anything more than a nice guy with a bunch of crackpot followers.
DA Morgan

#14226 - 04/03/06 02:28 AM Re: information
jjw Offline

Registered: 09/07/05
Posts: 636
Loc: USA
Hi DA:

Please try to stay on track. You Said:

Ok jjw004 lets assume you are correct.

1. Who created smallpox?
2. Who created Satan?
3. Who created the apple and the snake?
4. What evidence is there of a virgin birth?
5. What evidence is there of a resurrection?
6. Why do men have nipples?

You never asked who created the universe or who created the galaxy...OR except as above.

If you intended to ask who created the Universe and Galaxies you shoud do it. I have the answer to that question, IT WAS GOD and his name is BIG BANG. Note that is for discussuion only.

#14227 - 04/03/06 06:19 AM Re: information
infoshakti Offline
Junior Member

Registered: 03/09/06
Posts: 2
Loc: india
hi i am interested in electrical and electronics applications for spacescience .i am a student of electrical and electronics branch so how can i get a job in space research centers.if any of you brilliant minds can guide me through this i will remain really gateful to you .hope you reply me soon.
shakti prasad pallai

#14228 - 04/03/06 06:56 AM Re: information
DA Morgan Offline

Registered: 10/17/04
Posts: 4136
Loc: Seattle, WA
infoshakti ... Who the heck do you think you are asking something reasonable in the middle of all of the inanity?

It depends. First are you a permanent resident in any country with a space program? If not you've very few options other than to move to one and become a permanent resident. It might also help to join that country's military and obtain a security clearance.
DA Morgan

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