European Agencys Mars Express may have a slight? setback.
I hope not, Its been doing so wonderfully well so far.
Remember last year when it detected Methane on Mars? Only a small amount, but Methane means micro-biological life. According to all the best theorys only microbes can exhale Methane. Which can only last a couple of years under the Ultra violet rays of our Sun. Meaning that micro-life is probably alive and well on Mars.
Then there were this years photos of a huge "sea" of sublimated ice covered with a thick layer of dust near the martian Equator.
Photos of Martian caves found near its North Pole.

Again last week NASA thinks it has photographed their failed Mars Polar Lander that crashed under the Martian South Pole, due to a miscalculation using Meters instead of Feet Or visa versa?
Not sure, the above is from my memory only, but I am sure I have got it all 95% correct.

Everything has been working wonderfully well....
Then the other day the Mars Express was due to unfold its "Water Sniffer"
That is, 3 huge Radar Booms were to unfold, each one being 40 feet long, making the Mars Express able to detect actual pockets of real water that might be up to 5 miles deep within Mars? So far
only 2 have unfolded.....The third one is only partially open.
If they cant deploy the remaining Boom it really would be a sad setback, in my opinion, after all
its previous successes.

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