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#12414 - 05/06/06 10:15 PM Re: Adam, Eve and Me


I may be in deep water, but I think there's another choice available. God is as bemused by us as we are by him,or her or it. Having set the universe in motion and let it run, it came up with us. How do we know that animals are not self aware? A horse is a pretty intelligent creature, they can find their way out of their stall with just their teeth and lips sometimes. How do we know that horses do not have religion? what do they think about when standing in the sunlight? They must be thinking of something, I think, they have brains that work for problem solving so they're not brain-dead. What goes on in a horse's brain is anyone's guess but I think they're not thinking about the next meal all the time. What would a horse think about religion? Is there an equine equivalent of God? I've always wondered that, but I suppose I'll never know.

#12415 - 05/07/06 12:46 AM Re: Adam, Eve and Me
DA Morgan Offline

Registered: 10/17/04
Posts: 4136
Loc: Seattle, WA
Rose suggests:
"but I think there's another choice available."

Rose there are a nearly infinite number of possible choices. But what is critical is that to validate extant religions those choices must be in line with the theological teachings.

The invisible purple rhinoceros is inconsistent with Judiasm, Islam, and Christianity so it is not a reasonable explanation. It does, however, make a great foil for pointing out that if you choose faith over reason ... then faith in one nonsense is a valuable as faith in any nonsense.

Limit the choices of what a deity must be like to comply with the requirements of the three middle-eastern religions and you end up with very little wiggle-room unless you sacrifice integrity as do most/all of our current crop of theologians.
DA Morgan

#12416 - 05/10/06 05:56 AM Re: Adam, Eve and Me
dehammer Offline

Registered: 03/23/06
Posts: 1089
personally, i believe we must all find our own path to the truths that we are ready to understand. no one may walk your path, as they cant see it and it is not theirs. you cant walk theirs as it is not visible to you.

there is a saying something about not trying to tell me my path, as you cant see it. don't try to follow as its not yours. don't try to lead me down your path as its not mine.

I'm not sure if i said that exactly right but that the gist of it.

i was once a christian, but got into trouble for asking questions when the answers were always, "have faith". i never was good at "have faith" when its someone else's faith i had to have.
the more man learns, the more he realises, he really does not know anything.

#12417 - 05/20/06 06:09 AM Re: Adam, Eve and Me

Since the question of faith has been on the Mankind's agenda for centuries now.
I wonder how can dehammer claim to have lost his wonderful associative reflexivity to deep faith.
Its just that faith has shifted to a new but incomplete paradigm of thought and action.
Yes it is true that there are multiple paths and equally true is the fact that every path has its own characteristic defintion of good and bad. But interestingly all lead to the same jungle of peace or ocean or conciousness..
It is important to respect all but it is equally important to know what is suitable for you because you are unique.
We are living a dream ...and we just need a good reason to liberate.Choose any but with good faith.So keep the faith.

#12418 - 05/20/06 06:22 PM Re: Adam, Eve and Me

You are SO off topic. Please remember this is a Science forum and do try to keep your comments in line with that. I can't make heads or tails of your remarks about "same jungle of peace or ocean or conciousness.. " and I'm sure many others out there are wondering also. Stick to the Science of things, please. We have enough wandering off course without your twisted, convoluted and off-the-wall remarks adding to the confusion.

#12419 - 05/20/06 09:46 PM Re: Adam, Eve and Me
Philege Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 12/30/04
Posts: 184
Loc: United Kingdom
Sorry DKV, it looks like it's your turn to be persecuted!

#12420 - 05/22/06 03:30 PM Re: Adam, Eve and Me
Justine Offline
Senior Member

Registered: 12/07/05
Posts: 191
I like what you said, DKV, and I like what dehammer said, too. You are both exactly on target smile

#12421 - 05/23/06 12:03 AM Re: Adam, Eve and Me
jjw Offline

Registered: 09/07/05
Posts: 636
Loc: USA
Topic: Adam, Eve and me.

There is little doubt that some people are not comfortable with just accepting things as we find them. Our nature is to seek reasons for everything and in the process we invent stuff. God participation came along way before science and because it has been around longer it has become well established. The response of science, ?the Big Bang?, which if fact is described as not a ?Bang? at all is the modern answer for what was attributed to God originally. When I moved away from formal religion and went towards reincarnation I suspected that for there to be reincarnation some ?thing? must be in control, but why? A flower grows and blooms with no apparent outside guidance, all it requires are nature?s basics. Why could not Adam, Eve and us all be part of a cycle that is self-perpetuating. We, all of animals, insects and us do our individual things like automations and could even possibly be recycled to try it all over again.

Both Science and Religion assume the existence of free will and, to me, that is a point at issue. The more alternatives you can envision appear to support more choices for the exercise of free will. I do not advocate Fate in control. I do wonder at how little free will actually exists in the course of our many decisions.

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