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#11926 - 09/28/06 10:43 AM Technocracy

Most ideologies are based upon an ideal image of how the human being works, of the moral and intellectual qualities of the human being, and the ideal society in which those qualities would thrive. Liberalism views man as a rational egoistical individual, which looks to maximise his happiness, while socialism and communism views man as a naturally cooperative and altruistic being. Conservatism views the man as a self-constrainer, who must repress some of his desires in order to work in the context of society, while fascism wants to unleash the beast within.

Ideologies forms the superstructure of modern politics, just as religion formed the superstructure during the medieval age. Ideology and religion are both marked with assumptions about right and wrong, as well as abstract constructions about the human mind. The medieval caste society, with it's ideals of honour, loyalty, pure poetic love and inborn privilegies, is probably less abstract than the current concept about us being entitled "natural rights" to life, freedom and property [John Locke]. All laws are abstract constructions, because without the use of force, they would be rendered valueless. The same about opinions. A government is not strong because of the opinions of it's ministers, but because of the support of an electoral majority as well as control of the armed forces and the police.

Recently, in the late 18th century, the human civilisation started to move from a low energy society based on self-sustainability and agriculture, into a high energy state based upon increasing industrialisation and utilization of machines. This means that our current society today generates extremely much more energy which means that our production has increased vastly and today gives us an abundance of goods and services. The central problem is not of coures this, but the fact that we are using the resources of the planet in an inefficient manner, a manner in which short-sighted economic growth is put in the high-seat. This does not only adventure our current high energy state, but also the future of life on Earth, which already has been severely affected by the systematic destruction of symbiotic ecosystems. These symbiotic ecosystems are replaced by human made linear ecosystems, made to further the interests of the price system.

The governments in the current world are not only upholding the price system, but also preventing it to reach abundance. Price systems are dependent on scarcity in order to exist, because when an abundance is reached, prices would be lowered so much that the markets for those goods are collapsing. No one would by air for example, because it is abundant. During the great depression, the US government destroyed enormous amounts of both grain and cattle, in order to make the prices rise. Today, the European Union and the USA are dumping their excess production of agricultural products in Africa, thus destroying African agriculture, while European and American consumers are not consuming so cheap grain as they could.

We technocrats are not believing in any abstract concepts about humanity, religion or values. We are simply looking into the physics of the current civilisation, and could see that there is potential for abundance. When we are talking about abundance, we are meaning that there are more production potential than the people possibly could consume [without endangering future consumption]. The current civilisation is a growth civilisation, which is dependent upon carnaging the Earth and destroying it's regeneration capacity. That is not acceptable.

If we want to survive, we should create a civilisation based on resource circulation, where most resources are moving within a closed circulation, and constantly recycled as much as possible. We must make consumption more efficient, and abolish economic growth as the basis of our existence. We must recreate wetlands and natural habitats, if we want to stop the collapse of global biodiversity.

This cannot be accomplished within the framework of the price system.

We technocrats have an alternative to the price system. It is called energy accounting.

Instead of having several companies and other kind of structures which are administrating infrastructure in order to increase their profit, we would have one continental unit, neither administrated by politicians or businessmen, but by the technical experts on their areas - communication, software technology, natural resources, ecology, transport, industry, invention and distribution. This structure, composed of all productive infrastructure + the area which it administrates, would be known as the technate.

The technate won't have any power to create laws, or force people how to behave and what to think. It would only adminsitrate infrastructure, natural resources and distribution. It's operative directives is "the highest possible prosperity for the highest possible amount [of individuals] for the longest time possible".

Each citizen is entitled an energy certifikate. This certifikate is uploaded with energy credits each quarter of a year. The energy credits are distributed on an equal basis to all citizens of the technate. The individual amount is decided by the total production capacity of the technate divided on the number of citizens. The energy credits are not possible to save [over a cycle], to borrow or to accumulate. When they are used, they simply cease to exist. There exists no prices, no profits and no taxes in a technate. Energy credits are based upon a physical value, namely kilo-watt hours, which means that they are not possible to put under inflation.

When the people are using their energy credits, the technate would adapt it's production after usage, and therefore be able to adjust the supply after the demand on a real-time basis.

The technate would automatise so much work as possible, as well as rationalising away works that are dependent on the price system. Therefore, the amount of work hours would be reduced to the level where it is a function of automatisation. This would mean a significantly shorter amount of working time on continental level.

If you are interested into establishing a sustainable society, look into the wikipedia site about the ideology -> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technocratic_movement

If you are Europeans, I advise you to check out http://www.technocracyeurope.eu , our new website.

What are you thinking?

#11927 - 09/28/06 11:34 PM Re: Technocracy
jjw Offline

Registered: 09/07/05
Posts: 636
Loc: USA
Hello Therion:

Please count me out of your program.
I have more than enough to eat and drink and most Americans that i see are taking a little too much advantage of it, as am I.

You recite:
"The technate won't have any power to create laws, or force people how to behave and what to think. It would only adminsitrate infrastructure, natural resources and distribution. It's operative directives is "the highest possible prosperity for the highest possible amount [of individuals] for the longest time possible".

Give me control of the food supply and I can make Hitler look like a picker. I do not accept your major premise. Nice write-up though.

#11928 - 09/29/06 05:14 PM Re: Technocracy
DA Morgan Offline

Registered: 10/17/04
Posts: 4136
Loc: Seattle, WA
Therion is just doing what so many before him have done. Proclaiming a new paradigm and seeking those that will make him the leader of the new 'religion'.
DA Morgan

#11929 - 09/29/06 11:52 PM Re: Technocracy
Blacknad Offline

Registered: 10/05/05
Posts: 901
Loc: Coventry, England

You're just promising what most dictators start out by promising.

If you haven't realised by now that people will abuse every possible system, then you need to go back to college and study more history.



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