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#1080 - 03/09/05 07:15 PM Why doesn't the stomach digest itself?

Apologies straight away if this sounds like a stupid question - I have no science background and would be grateful for any help...

Why don't the stomachs of humans and other meat-eating species digest themselves? Are there any circumstances in which they would start to digest themselves? Is there a website that has reliable information on this and related topics?

Thanks in advance,

#1081 - 03/10/05 04:44 AM Re: Why doesn't the stomach digest itself?
Mike Kremer Offline


Registered: 10/16/04
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Loc: London UK
I believe you are a new user in Science a Gogo?
We welcome you to join in some of our discussions.

"Why Dos'nt the Stomach Digest itself?"
If you are ill, and the wrong sort of germs get a hold in it, it does. Its called a Gastric Ulcer.
An Australian Doctor (cant rem his name) found that Ulcers can be cured by taking a course of 3 different anti-biotics at the same time.

You really should ask the right questions on the Net....and you will find answers....Its not hard.

Here is an intresting General Web site main query page.


Just put the following 3 words into the query box
Ive not done it, but I guarantee you get answers.

"You will never find a real Human being - Even in a mirror." ....Mike Kremer.

#1082 - 03/13/05 12:32 AM Re: Why doesn't the stomach digest itself?
DA Morgan Offline

Registered: 10/17/04
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Loc: Seattle, WA
Actually ill has nothing to do with ulcers. Ulcers are the result of a bacterial infection and are an inflammation. One by an organism also related to acid-reflux where, unfortunately, killing off the bacteria can lead from one problem to another.

The answer to why the stomach doesn't digest itself is related to excretions from the cells that make up the stomach lining.
DA Morgan


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