I'm still here after a decade and I gots one for ya'll. It's an old one but I lost the originals so at my political site I was prompted to get back into MSPaint and get busy. As always, it's simple, I like to think it's funny but then I'm not a stiff like the rest of you. No idea how this is gonna submit, lately this site shrinks my stuff and you know me, that is just not gonna play. Like I can put my mind into a millimeter by millimeter sized image. Might as well ask your moderating staff to put their life experience into an image and have room left over.

I'm so sorry, moderating staff, that was, hopefully, a joke.

Try #1...


I'll be, good nuff.


Good news, stiffs. You know that political site I keep linking ya'll to? I got promoted there. I'm now admin. Besides the site owner I'm completely in charge. Before now I was just mostly in charge.

Reason I mention this is cause I have a little skin in the online forum game. I have what you call it? Experience. I administrate a online political debate forum. You think you people have problems? I have to deal with feminists vs. skin heads. So lemme tell ya, I love this site, it's like an escape. Trust me, when I tell ya'll I'm toning it down, I'm WAY toning it down. At my site I'm admin and the rabble gets to call me, well, I can't say it here but they get to call me anything they want. But then they have to deal with me. They don't call me things so often. I'm more horrible than they are. Put it this way, I belong to a site of malcontents, ne'er-do-wells, misfits, rule breakers, bigots of every nature and I'm their leader. See, I always strive to put a bit of my philosophy, my take, into every post of semi-importance. So this post has man made shooting stars in it, that image is (explicative deleted) killer. I submit that to you wicked smart nerds for peer review. But then I first submitted that in the early 2000s and I've yet to have a reasonable rebuke/refutation. Just like the rest of my stuff. Again, I hail this site as one of the few that hasn't banned me. Hail!


So, the image. It's an old idea but I lost all the old images I had of that so I made that image tonight. I know, I'm a tad bent but come on, billions and billions of shooting stars when and where The Mighty US of A wants them. Tell me why that can't be. Tell me why that wouldn't be a PR jackpot for NASA. Tell me why every American wouldn't go "oh yea."

Tell me you wouldn't say that that wasn't the greatest light show short of the borialisis.

Tell me it wasn't my idea.

My thread, there's more coming.
What? I've a drawing I want here. How I do that?