BILL S: TAKE THIS AS AN INTERRUPT--while we wait for the surprise of our lives, Dec 25

To Mendalla, an old friend in WonderCafe I recently asked the important question below.

IMPORTANT QUESTION: What's with all the talk there is about the need for electoral and constitutional reforms?
Then I added the comments following about how--with the help of all our governments--we-the-people have the power and can improve the SANTA CLAUS image by simply giving him the G~O~D-like power similar to that already possessed by [b]SUPERMAN [/b]
AND HERE IS MY COMMENT: Obviously, there is an even more desperate need for Canada, the USA, including democratic nations all over the world to have numerous teams of well-trained legal experts at the beck and call of very rich, strong, moral and ethical political leaders with the political clout and know-how of how to be truly wise constitutional and leading lawyers.

Of course we MUST have leading lawyers one who are also excellent writers!--that is, ones willing and able to create all the SANITY CLAUSES--hundreds and thousands of them--needed by WE-THE-PEOPLE--who need lots of help.

IMAGINE TIME WITHOUT END! with no more lacking JOLLY OLD SANITY CLAUSES--using reindeer power as always and have been the ones who, accompanied by words and music were the ones who have brought cheer and sheer JOY to all the families living in and struggling to survive in this sinful,sick-and-suffering tired old world--to make the world a better place.
BTW, I once asked OLD SANITY: What do you do in the Summertime? He Responded: I WORK IN THE GARDEN--HO! HO!,HO! AND LOTS OF HOEING GOING! cool & :LOL: & :ROFLMAO: to one-and-ALL let there be lots of Agape-LOVE:love: and keep up the hoeing, WILL DO!

All at this time, will no doubt agree to LOVE one another--and will also agree to be lovingly LED by THE ONE who has been the first resident owner of the home and factory built for him at CANADA'S NORTH POLE:

That was IN THE BEGINNING, when G~O~D, on Day One, gave OLD SANITY CLAUSE the Deed, for safe keeping.

And with that pleasant thought in mind, though it is A VERY COLD AND FROSTY TIME ... BRRRRRRR! have a GOOD SLEEP and Good Dreams of colourful and JOYFUL SANITY CLAUSES.
Readers at WonderCafe, and here. MERRY CHRISTMAS & thanks for being LIVING SANTAS (the old word for saints)
G~O~D--Now & ForeverIS:Nature, Nurture & PNEUMA-ture, Thanks to Warren Farr&ME AT